Blizz, if you plan to reset honor before s1

…please warn us.

So that we know we can spend our hard earned nerfed honor before the season start and buy r14 to help out with the leveling process.

I would hate to log on season 1 patch day and see 0 honor.

Those #somechanges can be unexpected and quite brutal…

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There has been a blue post that all honor you earn in pre patch stays in tbc. On phone so cant look it up for you.

Thats all what i got, dunno if its working.


Ah thanks! I skipped that info. “Will be yours after Outland content unlocks on June 2”. That might mean they could still in theory reset right at the start of season 1 (couple of weeks later). That would be a bad move with huge backlash though. So we are hopefully safe.

I remember them saying boosted toons would have blue quality gear though. So i am a bit cautious.

Anyway blizz is not very trusthworthy company, we are never safe.
When new seasons were starting there were no resets on marks and honor.

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