Blizz please stop

Blizzard can you please stop drastically changing unholy death knight ? You say you want to give variety in talents i want to be able to raise undead and hit meaty death coils like i could in previous expansion why do you force me to scourge strike and force me to use gargoyle and like 8 gcds before i can rotate since this pre patch ?


blizzard don’t care i have no idea who they keep getting class feedback from but its clearly not people who play this classes even on a casual level


GCD knight is the new name


Ostensibly you can bypass gargoyle but the history of recent changes for Unholy clearly indicates tuning the entire specialization under one talent - summon gargoyle.
What’s funny is that Gargoyle still isn’t some incredibly powerful talent. It’s just good.

I don’t have much experience with DK, I recently got one to 60 because I am looking to main an Unholy DK in DF. So I didn’t do any testing to check which talent builds are viable DPS-wise in a M+ and/or Raid environment.

However, on paper, Unholy DK looks awesome IMO. Do you want to play using meaty Death Coils (I don’t, which is why I avoided all these Death Coil talents) you can. Do you want to focus on your minions? You can. Do you want to spread diseases everywhere? You still can.

So, I am not sure where is the problem exactly. By all, means I am not saying the issues you have are not non-existent, I am a DK noob after all. But why aren’t you avoiding using the gargoyle talent if you hate it?

Also, isn’t Scourge Strike like a main core ability of our rotation? What’s so bad about it? Is popping Festering Wounds so terrible? I personally enjoy it. Did DKs used to have a better rotation routine.

Lastly, the gcds do not bother me much, nor do I pop all the CDs together because not all of them are synergizing the same. I use them in groups.

Vomlir No you cant death coils hit like a feather since this pre patch season 4 death knight is way to clunky and bloated. This class changes too much while other classes who always have it good just get better and better. i have gone from hitting 30+k coils to hitting 16k 17k at best and that is a massive IF it crits. Our damage in pets should be there without having to talent in to buff it blizzard have got not a clue what to do with this class. My item level 256 ret paladin can hit 35k final verdicts every time with wings and my item level 300 uh dk has to used about 6-8 gcds before i can burst its clunky and smells of neglect.

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