Blizz - time to change the AH rules? ( a Tailor's perspective)

Firstly, I realise what I am going to complain about is only made worse by this being the latter stages of an expansion. Its also not helped by the availabilty of (excellent) addons like Auctionator and Craftsim

I have completely maxed out tailoring and having made all the worthwhile items for myself, Ive realised Ive now hit a brick wall in terms of actually making any gold from my profession

The decent level 437 gear you can make is all soulbound, and nearly everything everything else is cheaper to just buy on the AH rather then craft it. The only thing that can make you some gold is bags…and it seems a lot of people know it

On our server, the AH is dominated by a few faces that practically live there. The only time you see them leave is to run to the mailbox to gather up items they have just cancelled so they can relist and undercut you.

As a way of playing the game, my god it would bore me rigid!

Blizzard how about changing things so that you cant relist items within a certain number of hours/minutes. Perhaps make this a talent you can level up?

Tailoring certainly needs a refresh imho. All the azureweave and chronocloth items are old hat now…despite taking ages to learn the necessary talents

Are other professions the same? Is it time to junk tailoring or just accept things and wait until the next expansion?

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Sadly I think most other professions, with probably the exception of Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting, is in a similar situation.

Outside of work orders most items you can only craft with a deficit, but I think that is partially due to the abundance of crafting materials, and it is down to two craft skills: Resourcefulness and multicraft.

These days I personally just work on building out a customer circle for next patch, and outside of that I catch whatever crafting requests show up in global chat/work order station. For most crafts I simply use a tool with resourcefulness and hope that I manage to get a few of the more expensive materials to sell.

I think it isn’t going to change much next patch though. My main profession’s (LW) consumables were going for a decent price at the start, but after the first month it nosedived in terms of profits. I think I can earn less than a thousand gold on the shadowflame tempered armor patch now.

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