Blizzard closing office in Versailles, France

I feel sorry for everyone losing their job in such difficult times as now. :frowning:

From what I understood, that’s where the EU CMs/ GMs are/were

The Versailles office, which employed around 400 people as of early 2019, handled marketing, customer support, localizing games to different languages and other functions for the titles Activision Blizzard publishes in Europe.

The closing will put an end to two years of turbulence for the Versailles office, which was once solely an operation of Blizzard, the unit responsible for beloved games like Diablo and World of Warcraft. A recent restructuring placed some of the staff under the wider Activision umbrella. Blizzard has traditionally remained autonomous within the broader Activision organization, but in recent years that has changed, with Activision taking a larger role in Blizzard’s operations.

Edit: I was faster than wowhead :sunglasses:


You don’t need to be based on a continent in order to work for it.

But it does mean that somehow Activission can make the situation worse, regardless of how bad it is.


Blizzard still have an office in Cork Ireland so they could move CM/GMs there?


Thats a shame. Can’t wait until my tickets are answered by someone where English is their 8th language.


No indication for that, I am afraid.

The majority of the support staff are in Cork, there were still some in Versaille along with many other departments and staff. Some of whom I have become friends with over the years. My heart goes out to them… in this current climate finding a new job is not an easy task.

I’m really quite upset by this news.


And to think I had a job opportunity to go there just over a year ago. Thank God I didn’t.

This’ll definitely affect tickets etc imo.

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Looks like they’re still looking for a HR person in Versailles, potentially to oversee this closure:

Are we losing our blues??

:sob: :sob: :sob:


Not sure how I feel about that… Kind of not happy.

Let us wait and see.


I’m inclined to be somewhat skeptical of this due to the “employees tell Bloomberg news” which is usually a cute way of saying “ex employees mad at company for firing them phone up news outlet and make out company who fired them was bad for doing so”.

if it’s true, this happens all the time with American or indeed any overseas corporation having interests in foreign countries. If it isn’t true or has been blown out of proportion… well.

You know what I’m trying to say.


I’m so disappointed by this news, my heart goes out to all those affected.


Suffice it to say, I did not take the news at face value. This is happening.


Upsetting. It’s not like their sales are down and it’s not like their CS staff is doing very well right now either… Really hate big corporations.

Sad news

Fairly sure that’s where the French CM/GMs are, the EU ones are in the UK iirc

You need a baguette to deal with baguettes tho


I dont france person. But wondered, Do they will remove france’s servers as closed this office?

Or france server move at Englishs?

Jokes on you, they’ll use a premade answer regardless.

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Or just refer you to wowhead


Context? Intent? Appeal? What are those?!

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Well this sucks :frowning: