@Blizzard Devs

Good Day Blizzard.

We, as ret paladins, we saw this nerf coming (and it will be more nerfing coming ). Before pre-patch, we only asked for some mobility given back from the past, like Long arm of the law. We just asked for mobility, the community asked for mobility. But you said NO! All you need is to have more burst damage to be happy for pre patch as we will nerf it in Shadowlands. I mean, where is the logic on tuning something only to be nerfed after two months?
Rogues at the moment, if you are not aware; they have a legenday which increases their Critical Strike by 100% while stealth, combine that with Subterfuge + the Kyrian ability (which was nerfed by a bit) + Drest trinket which is still OP (Doing 8k+ dmg while procs )+ Shadowblades and you can easily kill someone in 3 seconds. Hope that you see this humble comment and take into consideration our countless requests about ret paladins.

Have a lovely day and stay safe.

Kind Regards,

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