Blizzard do not care about new players anymore

(Nefaryas) #67

Too true. :frowning:

(Orlen) #68

Like I said though, if you want to do some dungeons, message me in game and I’ll come tank for you when I’m free.


So dont play wow? U said u were playing final fantasy and how much better is that, >why you are back in wow and crying on this forum?:wink:

When you start paying your own bills, you will understand that when you pay for something, and you get a bad service, you’ve got to complain :slight_smile:


Sry but Im 26 and living alone from 18, tell me something about bills please :slight_smile: and dont forget to cry when they will kick you from group again

(Yolandass) #73

Ah it checks out then you are just a toxic person IRL I guess good to know I wanted to say aswel your bad attitude is the reason wow community is toxic.

(Sinaaki) #74

U can join this community: (Alliance) Scared of Dungeons EU EN

Quite a few there that can join in on low lvl dungeons to make it more pleasant :slight_smile:


If it’s the true, i don’t see reason to show your frustration like mean kid. Forums are for every type of talk, get used to it.

(Nefaryas) #76

OP, also want to add that if you do decide to stick it out there are more decent players than toxic ones out there.

Once you hit 120 you could look at the calmer keystone community who do m+ runs without needing rio scores and are helpful to people new to that content.

As above there are also communities for dungeons and new/returning players to help build confidence or just learn mechanics etc.

Friendly folk are there so don’t let the er less savoury ones put you off.

(Yolandass) #77

You are so right about this that there are many good people in the game and that he does not need to be discouraged because of a few bad apples in this game.And I feel like we are promoting our friend Bucky too much tbh.


Just bear in mind, that I’m not complaining about the idiots in the game… Idiots are everywhere :slight_smile:
What I’m complaining is the Blizzard’s way to deal with the consequences of joining a random group of idiots :slight_smile:

(Yolandass) #79

Well I know but there isn’t sadly any way to deal with that for now.

(Punyelf) #80

Some people are just jerks. I personally do not find the playerbase more ‘toxic’. I also think the word toxic is over used. Personally I have played other games where I would say there is lots of toxicity but this isn’t one.

I started in TBC and it’s a miracle I stuck at the game. People were horrible judgmental elistist jerks that gave me such a hard time as a new player, I just gave up on doing any group content with others. I ended up waiting until I’d outlevelled dungeons and go back and do them solo so I could at least see them.

It wasn’t until the groupfinder was introduced towards the end of WotLK that I actually got to enjoy any dungeons while levelling. And wasn’t restricted to having to please random people at max level or only be able to do things with guildies.

Because of my own horrible experience I go out of my way to help people who say they are new but not everyone feels the same way. If you are removed from a dungeon just do something else until your debuff is gone.

(Nefaryas) #81

I get that, it’s just if you can avoid the idiots you can avoid those consequences and I’d hate to see someone quit a game they enjoy because of that.


(Dottie) #82

Except it’s not Blizzard ruining it, it’s other players. You have to realise new players are not common and most of those others have played the game for years and want a quick run.

In dungeons you should never say it’s new for you, just follow the others around and DPS. Dungeons are not the quickest way to level anyway, well except for the seasonal ones. I have never kicked someone for being new to a dungeon and always vote against it.

The debuff is there for players who get kicked for a reason or who leave without a reason. Some innocents like you get caught in it. It’s one small part of the game, wait until you level further then you will find at max level there are things that will make this look trivial.

(Nefaryas) #83

Promoting the community and others like it. The game needs them to be successful for people like me who struggle with the content or new players who lack confidence but want to do it. Encouraging those communities can only be good for the game can’t it? Gets more people doing more content so blizzard keeps giving us the content. At least I see it like that. I just don’t know the names of the other communities lol

(Yolandass) #84

I feel the same way about this as you do and I am trying to help all the newcomers as you are but I am more a vigalenty or in other words a lawyer for newcomers who come protecting them from toxicity by tanking it to me even though I get suspended for it sometimes :expressionless:.


In dungeons you should never say it’s new for you, just follow the others around and DPS. Dungeons are not the quickest way to level anyway, well except for the >seasonal ones.

I am not doing dungeons for levelling. I’m just doing because that’s the content I like :slight_smile:… Well. used to :slight_smile:
Otherwise, I’d just have used the booster that came with the expansion pack


Jesus you are so delicate.
“ooohhhh it’s so toxic I can’t handle it I better go cry in my safespace”.
Your mother was overprotecting you or you just drink too much soy milk?


Sigh… I’d love to meet one of you keyboard warriors once, personally, and see if you kids are so brave as you pretend to be on the forums, without paying attention to the core of the problem being reported, instead, just keep attacking people… behind a keyboard is so easy right?
But yeah, of course, that’s all you have to do right? after all… 25yo, doing nothing other than playing WoW, and depending on your parents budget to pay your subscription, it’s easy to waste time searching the forum just looking for people to shout at :slight_smile:


Just don’t tell people if it is normal or HC you could probably just wing it.

But you are right community in this game has gradually got more toxic over the years started getting worse when they introduced LFG before then when you could only group with people on your own server the community was a lot less toxic, ok it was more of a pain in the a*** to get a group but you got to know people on your server outside your guild you got to know who was good to group with and who wasn’t people tended to be more patient and didn’t mind the odd wipe and if someone got a reputation for being a dick people wouldn’t just not group with them.