Blizzard do not care about new players anymore


It’s too sad that World of Warcraft came to this point, where Blizzard doesn’t care about any new players anymore. The toxicity in the game is already at too damn high levels, and Blizzard simply punishes new comers even more.

I’ve been playing WoW since Cataclysm release, and I used to love this game, then quit for a while, came back on BfA with my wife, just to discover how bad this game became, and Blizzard’s customer service… Even worse.

I came back playing about a week ago, and thing I used to like most in game, was dungeons and raiding. So, I purchased two BfA codes, one for me, and one for my wife, since we like to play together.

So, my wife and me, we have just a few hours of free time for playing, and we don’t care about doing hardcore content, we usually used to mostly do dungeon finder and raid finder content.

But now, for my surprise, Blizzard decided to ‘punish’ new players, with these 30minutes debuff if you are KICKED from a dungeon PUG.

So, in basically a week, since I came back to the game, I’ve been kicked TWICE, just because I said on the chat “Hi, I’m new to this dungeon”. And I got kicked out from the group, without even engaging a single mob, which gave me a 30min debuff where I couldn’t join another group.

So, from my 2 hours window I had to play during the night, I spent 1/4 of it blocked from playing what I liked to do, for simply no reason.

So, you try to be polite to the group, and say you are new, and you get kicked… Ok, happens, people are people…

Then comes Blizzard and punishes you for this…

So, well, being a customer from Blizzard since Warcraft 1 and Diablo 1 (times when I used to carry my D1 chars in floppy disks)… Time to say farewell, Blizzard isn’t what it used to be anymore, and World of Warcraft, became one of the most toxic online games around, where new players are not welcome to the game anymore, and unless they get lucky in get in a great group from the beginning, they are screwed up.

So, this is just a wreaking from my recent discussions with Blizzard customer service and Game Masters…

And somehow hopefully any person considering to start the game in 2019, consider it twice before giving Blizzard any money just to join a toxic community that WoW became.

(Nefaryas) #3

The isn’t about new players, all players whether subbed from day one or yesterday are affected by this.

Community is the biggest problem for kicking for stupid reasons. The debuff is there to punish griefers but obviously isn’t working because too many unfair kicks happen. A solution is to remove the debuff but that creates the problem of griefers getting away with toxic behaviour Scott free. Catch 22, but maybe the lesser of two evils is removing the debuff.

A solution for you is to find a good guild to do that content with and avoid pugs all together. Doing content with friends is more fun and you won’t be kicked.

(Seffi) #4

well it is not fun to get kicked from dungeons and to get the debuff, but at same time, whitout the debuff or chance to kick it would be even worse, becuse of leechers that are arround, they are many still.

also due to lfr or lfd it is at times better to not say a word and just go whit the flow, becuse there is inpantient kids whit a superiority complex arround, who kicks people for what ever reason, heck I got kicked instantly when I said one sec I switch spec so I can heal, and kicked lol, this mostly happens at low levels, it aint as bad when you hit higher level dungeons.

you could also se if you find a leveling guild or community to join, or a guild that takes casual/social players in, though same problems would occure there, due to most people being high levels already and you would still be forced to pug groups.

(Yolandass) #5

Impatient kids with superiority complex aren’t those Elitists?.

(Seffi) #6

heck I would say the kick system should be implented so, that you have to write a reason, and that reason would then come as an mail to the kicked person, what he could if needed report of it is typed in gipperish or some other lame excuse that is not true at all, offcourse this would give the GM heck of a lot to do, but in the longer term it would remove people from kicked for stopid reasons, if they start to get warnings from kicking new people.

(Seffi) #7

could say that I just tried to make it more sophisticated :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lepanto) #8

Sorry to hear of your plight OP. OTOH deserter debuff has been around since Wotlk hasn’t it?


guess MMORPG aren’t for everyone, maybe it’s time to clear the dust from that game boy color or something fam or perhaps try a mobile game, I’ve heard those don’t really require you to have much free time :slight_smile: unlike :slight_smile: MMORPGs :slight_smile: which :slight_smile: require time :slight_smile:

(Psjohly) #10

This is not about the amount of time. 2 hours a day is plenty. Especially when you just want to queue stuff. But this is about the community being worse than a mobo like heroes of the storm.

I changed from HotS to WoW almost 3 years ago. When I hitted 15 I got in my adventure guild the option to go to dungeons. I tried 5 dungeons and in my enthusiasm I also said “hi, first time dungeon!” and I got kicked in 2 out of 5, and in 2 others I got lost, not fast enough to follow the group or able to even cast something. I was able to finish 1 dungeon without doing any damage. I stopped playing that often.

When legion hits I was level 84. 1.5 months after release legion I hitted 110 and I tried to queue again a dungeon and I said nothing. But ‘everyone’ was new so apparently it all went ‘OK’. I also joined FailTrain and started doing heroic and mythic (+) dungeons with them.

But no. This game sucks as a new player.

(Nefaryas) #11

I suppose, but people could just lie about the reasons.

I mean there is no rules against kicking someone for stupid reasons, you can get kicked because someone doesn’t like your transmog and GMs can’t do anything about it. The community are the problem here, a code of morality is not enforceable, we all know it’s unfair but we can’t change people’s behaviour without rule changes which I doubt blizzard will do.


Well, I don’t think you really understand my post, otherwise you’d have noticed your reply has nothing to do with what I complained.
In case you didn’t notice, why do you think a player being kicked for no reason has anything to do with the amount of time the same player spent in game?

(Ayanae) #13

If you only get kicked by writing you’re new to the dungeon just… don’t write it anymore.
Hell the removal of master loot and forced personal loot is already to protect those who think they need protection so…

It’s not a case of blizz not caring, but you just hitting a bunch of jerks shrugs


The thing is… Doesn’t matter if you are kicked or not, you can’t please anyone, you can even be kicked because somebody doesn’t like Void Elves :stuck_out_tongue: But the thing is, you are kicked because somebody doesn’t like Void Elves… why are you punished with a 30min debuff?

(Nefaryas) #15

I know lol it’s a community problem first. Blizzard has the debuff in place to punish those who deserve to be kicked but it’s obviously not working as intended becausenthe community is kicking too many who don’t deserve it.

Blizzard can either remove the debuff and let those who deserve the kicks go unpunished for their behaviour or we stick to the current system. Or a full overhaul of the rules is needed so unfair kicks also get punished but I can’t see blizzard doing that as the rules of what constitutes an unfairnkick would be infinite.

(Alexima) #16

ok here’s my advice as a relatively new player who hasn’t been here even a year.

You don’t talk. You don’t do anything stupid like walking in front of the tank and stuff like that.

Most contents on LFR or LFD level are relatively super easy. So there’s not much mechanical difficulty to do them anyways. Just go in with a bit of confidence. Don’t make VERY OBVIOUS mistakes, and no one will kick you.

A whole year and i’ve never been kicked from a single dungeon. Mythic or heroic or normal.


So, you are basically saying that any new player must not screw up? What would you expect from a player who just created his/her first char and entered a dungeon right after reaching level 15? Do you expect the player to not make any mistakes? Do you expect the player to understand Tank/healer/DPS role in deep as like “do not walk in front of tank”?

How do you think the player would feel by being kicked just to say “hello I am new here”?

And FWIW, I just said “Hi, I’m new here”, because that’s what we used to do in my old days of WoW, and what we still do in Final Fantasy XIV… Tell the group you are new, so, if you screw up, they will know you are not trolling… But well… Looks like the new policy is… “are you new?? screw you then… go play something else…” Which is certainly what I’m gonna do from now on…

You can certainly expect it from higher level content, but not from low-level content, and by low level I mean, content below level 30.


The Toxicity is overwhelming, on Vanilla, TBC and even WotLK people knew each other, there were no cross realms, you knew players from your realm, playing with them, raiding, going pvp, dueling. Now we all are strangers to each one, no one will refrain from kicking someone he does not know. It’s hard to keep good community if every dungeon/raid even world quest i meet another players.


Sad thing is its not just kids wow is so old game that sadly most of the players are far older than you thing which makes their behavior even sadder.


That is what i miss the most in wow the feel of community sure LF tools made getting to dungeons faster and easier but in my opinion the price was too high.

I would rather spend finding a group 3 hours and getting to know people and have a fun time than the gogogogogo timed anonymous crap that we got after LF tools were added.

(Alexima) #21

I’m saying i’m a new player. All i needed to do was to realize i shouldn’t go ahead of the tank. And i shouldn’t pull aggro on adds. Is doing these 2 simple mechanics really that hard? If yes, then i do believe that being kicked once or twice will help you learn it better. being new means You might not know your damage rotations that well. Or you might not do everything perfectly which trust me, no one will kick you for it. But if you’re marching forward, ignoring the tank and creating a mess of things, then it’s not time for you to do dungeons. You need to learn first.