Blizzard do something, this server is dead


This is insane, the amount of people playing on this server is so low that you can’t do anything. I did the worst move ever, I transferred here and now I regret it so badly. Can we get a response from Blizzard since this is not playable? The reason that we play classic is for the community but this feels like an emulated server on your pc.



Ah i see your problem. You are level 101 in a world designed for lvl60s.


My friend if you want to play alone or you have a guild already and you don’t care, then i can get your point. I don’t have that and I am just saying how it feels for me. Keep in mind that I played this game since 2005.

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If you played since 2005 you would know that this server is not dead. Other servers are overcrowded. Good attempt tho.

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Dude, you’re right, you play this game for the community, and we have an awesome one where practically everyone knows each other. Join the discord, you don’t see the community talking much in the open world AS MUCH because we talk a lot behind the scenes

Dude, I don’t want to argue. This is so much crap from your part, I understand that you don’t want to be bothered. If you played in 2005 then you will know how it was so don’t come to me with this type of arguments. Go play a solo game and have fun.


I’m so sorry you had to xfer to realise that the minority (who mostly get sh*t on in here btw, by those toxic alliance players) was right.
Depending on the side you are playing, i’m horde for instance, it can be a struggle, without guild at least.

Now i don’t know if you are 60 or lower, but your best bet is roll on another server. If you are 60, you can always join one of the 3 horde guild. Goodluck.

This is the exact reason why many of us advise people to create a char and play a little before making a final discision (and join Discord) :slightly_frowning_face:

Low population attracts people who wants to play without feeling overrun, and for some it is important to play and know just the players who run around and the low population gives that feeling.

I don’t know about the alliance side, I play horde on Dragonfang and I like the community here.

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I’m not sure who reads this forum - and a server which regularly seems to have less than 50 level 60s playing does feel weird compared with servers that have 10 times the population (I mean there are over 50 of every class at 60 for a start.)

But… what’s it like? Are there chronic class shortages such as tanks and healers? Horde side at least there seem to be a few guilds running MC so it can’t be nonexistent.

“regularly seems to have less than 50 level 60s playing”
Bruh at this point, this is just pure bullsh*ttery. Even our guild has more members than that.

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I’m not trying to start anything - just reporting.
I don’t think I can link screenshots. But right now at time of posting - so about Half 1 PM in the UK - obviously not a peak time.
/who 60 = 49 players found Hordeside.
8 Warriors
7 Mages
11 Rogues
9 Priests
7 Warlocks
3 Hunters
3 Shaman
1 Druid
Maybe its different Alliance side. By contrast on a high server a /who Druid 60 produces 34. Hunters are 49. Everything else is 50+

I know at peak times there are more than this - I’ve seen guilds go to MC with 40 people. But this is still different.

Aight well there is your problem. It is 1pm. I am at work right now, but you will see my name after 7pm. I will do dungeons as a tank, run around mining, or occupy oxigen in the auction house. But right now I am sitting at work, and debugging CAN communication. Gf will do the same once she gets home, that’s already 2 players minus. I know of a larger community of 6-7 people who prefer playing between Wednesday - Sunday and play smth else on off days.
Now if you do the same on say, Sunday, you’ll see us do onyxia with 2 teams (not 2 full teams tho, but still like 60ppl) and not just us. I know at least one more guild on alli side doing the same.

I also think the 15 anniversary xp-boost has a lot of impact.

Like me, some does shift between Classic and retail and I created a new char last night and the starter area was packed with new chars.

And as Aurii says, the weekday has a lot to say about how many will log too :slight_smile:

But did you only /who for lvl 60?

I rarely make a /who to see who is in my area, sometimes I see a lot and sometimes I see none - so it really is hard to determind if the realm is filled with players or not.

I’m not trying to claim the server is dead - just that it has a lower population than others.

So right now - at 5.15 PM its 81 level 60s.
Warrior 14
Rogue 12
Mage 14
Priest 15
Hunter 5
Druid 3
Shaman 4
Warlock 14

I’m doing level 60s just because it allows for easy comparison with other servers.

Based on this analysis, another Shaman is probably more useful for the server than another priest.

I was just interested if someone was going to go “there is a real shortage of tanks, roll warrior pls” or “a real shortage of healers, all the raiding guilds want them”. This is probably better said on a discord tho.

I realized, it is useless, make a different char if you are horde and bellow 50 on this server. “Thank you Blizzard.”

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