Blizzard doesn’t make money of the WoW Token

Mike Ybarra said it on his Twitch channel and I believe him.
I would even suggest raising the price for the WoW Token.

Going through all this without even making money. :dracthyr_cry_animated:

So sad. Thank you Blizzard

The only thing stopping RMT is RMT?

Should someone tell Blizzard that Gold sellers are doing so well they can easily afford google and YouTube advertisement and that on one site theres 30k+ sellers for retail alone (4k+ for Classic)

The WoW token costs 70% more than a paid sub, he’s greatly confused if he thinks they don’t make money off of it.


I think the mentality of it is that they - the devs try to justify that it was solely their call to put tokens as it’s the most reliable tool they are aware of and that apparently worked wonders in Retail. While the money Token makes goes to executives and not devs (just like in any corporation it’s those on top getting the profit).

Hard to believe if you ask me.

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It didn’t work wonders in retail for anything other than increasing their profits. According to the gold farmers/sellers themselves the gold market in WoW increased greatly when the token was added, the opposite of what Blizzard are saying.

There is evidence to that with the massive increase in bots we saw particularly during Legion, BFA and Shadowlands compared to pre-token in WOD.

Apparently Blizzard’s dev team has data saying otherwise. At least according to one white knight on Wowhead. Shame Blizzard refuses to communicate that data ever since it would show severe decline in their subs

Well now that he said it, it must be true. He would never lie for Blizzard to advance his career or anything like that.

They are obviously lying, the proof is in the pudding. Gold selling and botting increased substantially after the token was introduced to retail. You can’t lie about the evidence that is in plain sight by saying you have “data”.

Of course they are going to defend their business model as a saviour when they are trying to justify it, but they don’t provide any proof, it’s just PR. 70% profit on a token over a normal sub is all you have to know why it’s in the game.

Billion dollar company President complaining a micro-transaction is only making millions…


I do not know the personality of this guy.

Can someone let me know if that’s meant to be sarcastic?

it seems so but I would also believe its not… : \

No, he’s just lying through his teeth.

Buying 30 days of gametime = 12.99€
Buying a WoW token so someone gets 30 days of gametime = 20.00€
Buying a WoW token so someone gets 13€ of balance = 20.00€

Value diference: 7.01€

Spending gold in a WoW token saves me 13€ of my own pocket, but someone has had to spend 20€ for me to have a free month or 13€ in balance, so at the end of the day, Blizzard is seeing some extra 7.01€ for each token that is used.

How can he so blatantly lie about this?


If he said the world was flat would you also believe him?

Can you not think for yourself?

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There are two possibilities. Either Blizzard employees are completely clueless and are missing the mental ability to count to 10 (or 20 in this case) or they just naturally lie about the smallest, most obvious things.

Whatever the case, they are stupid. Either for not being able to grasp the most simple facts, or for believing that people will believe every obvious lie they make up.

Blizzard also gaslights the players with the token in their post about the token introduction. They say they use the token to reduce “illicit RMT”, but they do so by giving licit RMT options. It seems they try to make the players think, that only the “illicit” part is the problem, not RMT itself. But its not exactly the “illicit” part, thats against the spirit of classic, its RMT itself. Blizzard tries to confuse players about this fact with lies.

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I did not watch the video, but you have to remember that Blizzard would be getting the extra 7.01€ even if no one was buying tokens for gold. In theory, Tokens could exist on their own as a gold buying mechanic for whales only.
I assume he might be maybe twisting that into however he wants his lie to sound like (once again, I did not watch the video)?

It’s a 1 minute clip where he straight up says they don’t make money off of the token.

You can’t trade Classic Token for balance.

Bobby, is that you ?