Blizzard doesn't know what languages are

I am not sure what exactly went through Blizzard’s head when they merged two English-speaking small servers, with a big polish speaking server. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing trade-chat being infested with polish players spamming services or offers, that I can’t read. And when I make an offer or want to trade, nobody replies, since all the polish speaking players only trade with other polish players.

See, it would have made some sense if they merged it with another language that has germanic roots. How German, English, Nordic, and central European languages sound-alike since they stem from the same roots. But Blizzard, smart as they are, choose to just force all us non-Slavic-speaking people into a server, that is Slavic.

BUT!- that of course is a smart move on their end. Because the only way to actually end this nightmare is to pay blizzard for a server transfer! More money for Blizzard! I hope they release a new line of mice and keyboards, and then come to my door, beat me bloody and break my keyboard, and then announce that wow now only can be played with their brand-new top of the line garbage. I hope we ger merged with an Asian server soon so that everybody will be confused and annoyed.

Thanks, Blizzard, the best decision they’ve ever made.


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