Blizzard doing nothing against ninjalooting?

Hey there blizzard After Mallefurion (druid) (ninja)Looted my epic recipe ( On which 5 people agreed upon rolling for, did so and me winning it ) i made a ticket
Provided screenshots of the agreements ergo its now a contract.
And yall, do, Nothing.

No consequences for the guy whatsoever!

How in the world is this progressive for the game? You dont moderate whatsoever anymore, i remember on my old server Darkspear some guy was stalking another player whomst he had no real life contact with Adress etc etc.

SERVERAL Players ( 10-15 people ) Made a ticket explaining in Detail what happened because the victim let it out and yall did Nothing.
Infact you encouraged the victim to BUY a server transfer and so she did.

You’re a pathetic excuse for something called Service and it has been for the past couple of years.

Everytime someone contacts you they dont get their problems fixed, Players dont get banned, People get away with literally EVERYTHING. and you ENCOURAGE it by doing NOTHING.

Please start filling in the role you were ment to

Start banning players that CLEARLY <------- have gone too far
Start making things better for “victims” Ergo you go a little Their way instead of the god-forsaken offenders way.

Literally blizzard.

P.S i quit retail because ya’ll gave up on it

I will quit vanilla aswel if you give up on it.
Probably not the only one that feels this way

-Kind regards

a Concerned player.

Making a forum topic about it will not help. Making a ticket is the way to contact Blizzard. And I do not believe anything will be done about ninja looting since it is not exploiting or abusing the game. Its abusing trust, and that’s part of a MMO really. It’s not always nice, but it’s the way it is.

It is also disallowed to do “naming and shaming” on the forum, so you better remove the name of the ninja looter from the post or you will be the one that might get trouble instead of him.

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