Blizzard finally gives some FDK tuning

  • Frost
    • Unleashed Frenzy duration increased to 10 seconds (was 6 seconds).

    • Cleaving Strikes Obliterate now hits 2 additional targets (was 1).

    • Frost Fever damage increased by 15%.

    • Glacial Advance damage increased by 20%.

    • Frost Strike damage increased by 10%.

    • Frostwhelp’s Aid damage increased by 100%.

    • Frostscythe damage increased by 35%

Glad they gave us something. Unleashed Frenzy is a great QOL change. GA looks way better now and Frost Fever and Frost Strike is a nice bonus. The biggest game changer is the 3 target Obliterates. Looks like the changes were aimed at Obliteration since most of the damage profiling is for them.

Fingers crossed 10.0.7 is going to change up our talents mechanically.

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It’s a good start… still hopeing for some healing debuff mechanic or anti-disarm protection in pvp.

This is especially more tuned towards M+ for Obliteration. The AoE cleave buff is massive, and it’s is going to be better to take Cleaving Strikes with Double D&D over Frostscythe, which is probably for the BoS builds.

I do hope that they atleast do a lower CD on BoS with a duration cap in 10.0.7

As for PvP…well it will be even more dangerous to bunch up with a DK, imagine the combo with a Warrior Spear

It is surprising they are not nerfing anything…

Imho I was hoping for a cleaving strikes buff to make you hit 3 more instead of 2. But I guess we’ll take this for now and see how it feels.

Cant wait for the patch, we really needed this, but now im split between taking Frostscythe over absolute zero which is a huge cc in m+ :ice_cube: . Im a DW BoS player

By design, Frostsycthe looks like the BoS option right now since CS Obliterates hit up to 3 now. That’s huge for 2H Obliteration since their KM Oblits hit way harder than DW.

I suspect if you’re running 2H Oblit in M+, it’s best to stick with FWF and AZ. The CC utility of AZ is way too good. I’m not back from home so won’t be able to test numbers.

Edit: sorry just reread that you’re DW. Have fun with Frostsycthe and let us know how it goes for you.

Grip of the Dead is a really good choice, as it prevents adds from running out of the D&D and gives tanks breathing room

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I usually always run this, it’s a great talent. Except for Sanguine weeks. :x

No this makes it even better, helps to fuel their rage

I mean, the warriors always need more rage, right?

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