Blizzard fix this game makes no sense?

Why is paladin dps so low compared to everyone else don’t tell me, hybrid class, because in the raid you’re not healing its not your job to keep the raiders alive but to actually be useful as a DPS to the team.
I’m parsing 99 on council mythic raid 220k DPS and my teammate DH parsing 50-60 (Which means he isn’t doing his rotation properly he isn’t positioning well enough to compete with the other DH) and is doing 230k DPS. A reworked class that is just useless.

Could you define useless please?

How can a spec that has killed every boss on mythic when only 67 guilds have killed fyrakk is far from “useless”

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A spec that was carried you mean? Because an other class that performs at 99 parse does his dps and 50% extra. A spec that is forced to reroll because his class isn’t up to par with others

not having blink aoe silence hero combat ress thats useless priest.

On paladins side I think he means like shadow to much Cr**p to push which deals no damage. Compared to proc 1 button deals all my damage shaman Elemental with instant proc.

Or Dh just jumps around deals 1mil dps even though 6 nerfs.

A crap spec compared to the all new classes which can literally fly over the board in 1 second with blinks rolls no cds.

and tons of Crowd Control Stuff with aoe Crowd Control that old classes dont have-

if you call stand in melee fear a good Crowd Control Am literally laughing in m+ vise :stuck_out_tongue:

paladin literally only has wake of ashes and that only working against undead demons stuns-

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