Blizzard has ruined the Horde aesthetics and authentity

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I never said that the Horde is evil. Read the conversation again, mr. victim.

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But if he reads the banter about who has the edgiest elves, he won’t be able to. Not reading is the key.


The male humans are oppressing the posters with elven avatars again.

Smh my head.


Ever noticed that 90% of the aggressive male humans on the forums are Paladins? Damn male humans, get out of my forum.

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We can bring in some female humans for a different taste of oppression?

edit: Speak of the devil!


I have literally written 4 lines in this entire thread and I already get accused of oppression lmao.

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I am employing the Brigante school of thought. No matter what the person typed, accuse them of oppression and racism.

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Go back and read. It was getting derailed, I said can we stay on topic, not turn it into another ‘Horde is Evil’ thread. If you feel targeted by that statement then…eh…

Who uh…brought Oppression and Racism into this? looks back Umm, Wasn’t me. What is it about the Horde Aesthetics and authenticity that you find oppressive and racist? I mean I’d say there are elements of it that are, but just curious as to what you think they are, to see if they are the same…

(Araphant) #29

You want to tell me that you don’t find spikes oppressive? And spikes on spikes? And spikes on the spikes of spikes?

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Ehhh, that’s a cultural ethos, plenty of places used that, in our world and Azeroth, That’s not the bits I find oppressive, I think that’s just a ‘pour encourage les autres’ thing to remind the populace how ‘mean’ the Horde are and unconquerable (Probably ramped up after Orgrimmar was indeed besieged) Undercity I just found horribly oppressive, they knocked it out of the park with that, especially the accompanying music, Brill was ghastly as well, with the massive statue of Sylvanas, real signs of a Cult of Personality. The Spikes I can live with, its the fact that it is so clearly a city geared towards War, and pretty much is a military industrial complex. Its like…umm, the Factories they had turning out T-34’s in Moscow, taking them straight off the machine works, slapping a crew in and sending them to the front… That’s Oppressive…

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To me, Undercity is the place where I entered as a noob and couldn’t find my way out, back when I started playing. Someone had to lead me out by the hand.

Orgrimmar is the “Place which I once liked, I can’t recognize it since Cata”

Silvermoon is the “Floating broom place with nice music and no one around.”

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As Dainara pointed out, we can see sneak peaks of this mindset seeping in here and there.

Not surprising, as they have been written to be quite similar to BEs.

(Brigante) #33

No shame in that, I still bloody can’t, its a nightmare that place…

I’m bad, I actually -prefer- new Orgrimmar, and yeah, I saw both. Dunno what it is, but I just prefer the aesthetics…

It’s different on AD, its one of the two big hubs on Horde Side, but the Belf guilds are notoriously busy, like mine, so we’re only back now and then for R&R, rather than being ‘Tavern Heroes’ Just stick to the Eastern side, and you’re golden, go past Murder Row, and on your head be it…:smiley:

Also, in case you haven’t heard it. If you want to hear the Silvermoon City Music, if it ate its Spinach, tok some diet supplements, and worked out at the Gymn ten hours a day, just listen to the Sunwell Bombing Raid music.

Listen to that and you can’t help but go “Yep, Belf’s -can- be badass”

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Void elves, “Allow us to introduce ourselves.”

Though to be fair at least the void elves somewhat play it for laughs with all their jokes about their status. Meanwhile the demon hunter elves always act totally edgy…which is also the reason why I was never able to take them serious.

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I have sacrificed everything!!!


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Where’s your Light now, lol?! LOOK AT ME I AM EDGY AF!


While the topic is slightly derailed, I just wanted to take the opportunity to say that in Orcish architecture, each and every spike has a point.

That is all.

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Yeah, didn’t that mag’har orc explain why they have so many large and small spikes in their architecture?

I mean, I can understand now why orcs think that way.

(Zarao) #39

Oh yeah. The one that worked at the docks.

Apparently they needed spikes to navigate the foundry levels with grappling hooks or something like that.

(Shadowtwili) #40

Wasn’t it to avoid enemies grappling/climbing to the higher levels, forcing them through certain “bottlenecks”?