Blizzard has ruined the Horde aesthetics and authentity

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Something like that, not sure…
May have thought that it was to navigate the galleries, because I do recall a later quest where he gives us said hook to reach and then fight a boss and steal his schematics for a ship or something like that.

Your explanation seems more plausible tho.:sweat_smile:

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Ah the quest where Solog explains the use of spikes is Hook, Line, and… Sink Him!

Sadly, I can not link :<

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I’ll try and check it later. Kind of picked on my curiosity to be honest.

Weird that you can’t link it tho. Wowhead seems to be one of the few trusted webs you can link outside trust level 3

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Ah, i used wowpedia :man_shrugging:

Then again, I got banned so many times, so many.

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Aaaah I see. Weirdly enough, wowpedia isn’t trusted (?), yeah.

Can go bellow lvl2 tho. It’s something.


Nice topic Kappax, I agree with what you said.
As a vanilla Horde player, I am sad to look at what the Horde as become.
We lost our aesthetics.

I can testify this is true, unfortunately.

Also true.

It all began when Blizzard wanted to change the Horde aesthetics, to suit the Asian market.
I can’t link internet pages, but you can go trough the link that Steabra kindly linked us a couple of months ago.

Alexander Brazie
“OH - one thing I vaguely remember was that Blood Elves were based on a STRONG request from a poll of asian players (either korean or chinese - I can’t remember which was live at that point) - where many remarked on the horde side that they and their girlfriends wanted a non-creepy femme race to play.”

I guess this will have to do, for me.
Thank you Zarao.

I had a huge problem in the lasts weeks, I can’t decide what to level anymore, to the point of stopping playing.
It all started with WoT.

  • In Legion I used to main a Blood Elf characters.
    Now that I look back at it, I understand why Horde players callled it a “Alliance Expansion”. I could perfectly RP as a normal elf there.
    In BfA that’s not the case. It’s the complete opposite, either you play a true Orc, Troll, Tauren or Forsaken or you will have a hard time getting immersed.

  • My Uk account, 1st main character, was Valainistima level 100 Blood Elf .
    When I came back to this account Amazoner had already been replaced by my Forsaken priest in TBC.
    I boosted up another Blood Elf Hunter to 100 in Anachronos and played through the entire Legion expansion till she got 110.
    When going back to my UK account Draenor was just not for me so I decided to go back to Kul-Tyras and boost a Blood Elf paladin, that was Aster level 120.

Now I am literally torn apart between what I want to play.
I want to level a plate, mail, leather, cloth class.

  • On one side I want to get back to my Vanilla Troll Hunter lv 87, Orc Warrior lv 77, my TBC Forsaken Priest lv 91 and my Demon Hunter Blood Elf lv 100.
  • But on the other side I have a Blood Elf hunter level 111, which I mained in legion, a Blood Elf paladin (1st Blood Elf character) lv 100, a Blood Elf Monk lv 102 and a lv 110 boost waiting for the Blood Elf cloth character …

Every time I want to go back to my vanilla aesthetics.
Every time I look and the highest levelled characters are my Blood Elfs.

My sad conclusion is:
Even through I am a Horde player, I will always gravitate to more to human, aesthetics looks, in fact I think that’s the case for the majority of the community in both sides.
What was the most Horde played race in vanilla ?
The Forsaken. Because they looked more human.
What’s the most Horde, played race in 2019 ?
The Blood Elves. Because they look more human.
That’s why I never played a Tauren, even through I love their lore.

Why did I played:

  • A female Troll hunter ?
    My friend told to pick a troll hunter and the female looked more like human.
  • A Orc male Warrior ?
    PVP reasons, you want to be portrayed as a fierce warrior. Also they can wear shoes normally unlike the Tauren, Trolls and Forsaken as humans do.
  • A Forsaken female priest ?
    Looked more like a human and I wanted a holy priest for dungeons and raids.

Having Blood Elves in the Horde is the same as having the WoTLK DK (the unerfed version) back in the game, in my opinion.
OP as hell and everyone playing one in every match you enter.
Their looks are just too OP.

Looking at statista com in EU realms:

  • The Blood Elves 15.2% completely crush the second most played race in the Horde which is the Orcs 7.7%.
  • On the Alliance side the Humans 15.2% surpass the Night Elves by 11.6%, so the contest here is more fierce.

I just wish they had added something else like a barbaric humanoid, like Conan or Sonja with Orc ascendance, something that look human but evoluted from Orcs and not humans.
It seems both creations Humans and Orcs descend from titan creations, in the end.

That’s just my opinion.

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Thrall’s Horde crafted a family and that family was a group of outcasts, shunned by the Alliance, who had earned their place in the Horde and brought something vital to the table.
The Blood Elves brought a stronger Arcane/Light use to the Horde
Nightborne brought an overwhelming strength and knowledge of the Arcane to the Horde.

Looks-wise, they might not be the classical “Orcish” Horde, but their actions have spoken loudly and they do fit in the Horde faction.

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When did we stop talking about oppression and start talking about Orc architecture?


After a orc slammed him with a spike?


that’s not a problem for just horde though.

it’s a problem for all of the game.

i mean look at this chart! it’s literally nearly all elves! REEEEE…

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Arcane energy is one hell of a drug.


Horde aesthetics were ruined the moment they let the Forsaken in.

(Brigante) #53

Nah it wasn’t. The Forsaken add a different kind of ‘savage’ mentality, same as the Blood Elves do. If the ‘Horde aesthetic’ just means ‘looks barbaric and likes leather BDSM harnesses and spikes’ then…you’re not really talking about the Horde there, but some sort of personal kink. The Horde is way, way more nuanced than that, and has underwent so many iterations that it -should- have changed aesthetic! What would seem jarring to me, was if a body politic had underwent so many leadership changes, and for it -not- to have changed. Now -that- would be weird.

I mean look at the varying Warchiefs and their differing personalities, We have Blackhand the Destroyer, Orgrim Doomhammer, -technically- Ner’zhul (though that was more the Horde including Outlands, not just Azeroth) then Thrall, then oh dear…Garrosh Hellscream, then Vol’jin and now Sylvanas.

All this in a very short space of time. Absolutely the Horde will have changed in that time, it would be rubbish if it hadn’t…

(Zarao) #54

The Forsaken followed up with a theme that had been part of the Horde for quite a long time, and that has its basis in the Death Knights that were part of Orgrims Horde.

The current MMO Horde is based around some “welcoming” values that overlook aesthetics and emphasise on mutual benefits, similar circumstances and alliances of convenience in some cases.
What we had in Wc3 was but the beginning of it.

Tauren weren’t part of the initial Horde values, until Orcs themselves decided they had similarities that resonated with their culture.

Same applies to most of the races that came afterwards.

Failing to look past Orc Barbarism and Spikes for the Horde, is the equivalent of failing to acknowledge the fact that the Alliance is something else than just Human Knights and Light.

(Shadowtwili) #55

Honestly, I wish the Horde would go with the True Horde/Iron Horde aestethics.

Or atleast the trolls, tauren and orcs would, and I wish the Forsaken went with full Brill aesthetics.


(Shadowtwili) #56

Could’ve fooled me. They certainly look the part, mostly, but there’s also a human mage in there :wink:

(Zarao) #57

And that’s one of the most glaring issues they have with the Alliance narrative.
One they are seemingly, pretty unwilling to correct.

The way they signal their story, often has non-human races acting as props or supporting characters for a few chosen human heroes to shine.
Thankfully, they do sometimes have interesting stories about non-human Alliance races having the spotlight and developing their culture. But these sort of plots usually are neutral-driven content (such as Argus or Valsharah), that even if it expands on the story of those Alliance races, doesn’t contribute to the role or influence they might have within their faction.


The Hordes aesthetic is that they’re allies out of convenience, not because they’re all following any particular reason and rhyme through their aesthetic. I actually feel that the developers being unable to let go of the tribal/cataclysm style Horde with the huts and such is detrimental to the Hordes aesthetic as all of the races introduced since classic DO look out of place when they all seem to end up building tents and little wooden huts with spikes on them to appease those who want the tribal aesthetic.

I know a lot of Elf players who are a bit miffed that ‘outside of that one place in Zuldazar’ you rarely see anything Elven (that’s not a load of Highborne/Night Elf ruins) outside of their homelands. The same goes for Goblins tbh, I expected Krazzlefrazz Outpost to be this cool little Goblin settlement with Goblin buildings, as you know how good Goblins are at literally sticking towns in boxes and building comfortable towns with garages and all sorts within days. Instead we got a bunch of huts, most of them seeming to be unable to withstand a single strike from the Alliance or endure the violently cold weather conditions and dangers of Drustvar.

That’s the problem, they introduce races that stick out like a sore thumb BECAUSE they are always hammered into tribal huts where they would stick out.


Imagine how I feel as a Gnome roleplayer… at best we get no attention at all, at worst we’re the butt of every joke. Name one Gnome character that isn’t the comedic sidekick or the ‘funny’ secondary villain.

It’s been 15 years and Gnomeregan is still full of lepers and troggs. Stormwind was remodeled how many times in that time span?

(Shadowtwili) #61

don’t forget the goblins have their own capital city, which looks really goblinesque and the gnomes got two structures and a tent as their “capital”.