Blizzard has ruined the Horde aesthetics and authentity


Let me find the smallest violin in the world, I’ll play it for you.

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Can we find a really new but wide one for you and play a Kul Tiran song of their People “Ohh, we’re humans, but we don’t have the same bone structure and body shape!”. Have to be a new one, that somehow is made to look old. Like Kul Tiras.

At least Gnomes still look like the same species…

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Don’t know how Blizzard will handle the aftermath of Mechagon and everything that transpired there.
If they indeed end up making mechagnomes playable, I guess all that effort and story will end up inevitably being associated with them.

But, if Mechagnomes end up as an oddity that doesn’t cut it for the playable race template, I guess we could consider everything that went on there as Gnome lore and development. Still relying on easy jokes and comedic relief, but would offer a good neutral driven content that makes gnomes climb a few notches out of the Funny Pit.

We did halt a threat that could’ve potentially destroyed Azeroth. And with gnome (and goblin), protagonists.

Yeah, it wouldn’t actually expand on the lore of the playable faction and their role in the Alliance. But is Something.

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By that logic WoD Iron Horde, Shadowmoon Exile and Frostwolf can be considered playable orc lore. :thinking:

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*Playable Maghar Orc lore, yes.

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No, because of Mechagon would be gnome lore, then WoD will be orc lore.

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Why would it suddenly count up as gnome lore if the Mechagnomes don’t become playable?

It’s still mechagnome lore, not gnome lore.

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Because it would signal that far from being considered their “own thing”, mechagnomes are but another kind of gnome with an edge to them in the form of a slightly different situation.
Not an entirely different race.

It would still be, as I said, neutral driven content that would only give some new context and dive into the gnomish mindset. And would definetly not expand on their role as part of the Alliance.
But point is, it would expand on Gnome lore.

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I disagree, or else you can make the same case for eredar lore being draenei lore, or fel orc lore being orc lore, or Cenarion Circle lore being night elf and tauren lore etc.

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Not the same. As those are collectives that had their development focused on the particular side of the story that tried to emphasise their villain aspect.
With Mechagon, I’m talking about the bits regarding the Rustbolt Revolution.

Because for the record, when I said that I agreed WoD lore was Maghar development, I addressed the bits you named: the ones that eventually turned into good guys.
The bulk of the expansion was focused on developing orc villains that did nothing to further what eventually would become a playable race. As, you know,…we end up killing most of them.

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