Blizzard is ignoring or not aware?

so surprisingly, I am writing to express my frustrating of the current event of the delay of poping a (limited timing world buff). i mean are you guyz in Blizzard are not aware of what is going on? or you guyz ignoring the current situation? how are we supposed to enjoy the game anymore?


The problems regarding lag are severe for our server, buff pops aside. For now it seems that Blizzard do not care, or they do not have the time to respond to any tickets or forum inquiries regarding the matter.

It’s quite sad though. I’ve witnessed people cancelling their subscriptions due to the lag problems. And I fully understand why they do it. We are NOT getting the experience that we pay for. Period.


Just to mention that this lag is unbearable. I submitted a ticket about it, but it got closed with the response it would be a problem with my internet provider.

Blizzard, please act on this. This is not an issue for a few players. The complete realm is unplayable!

Well I have one of the fastest internet providers in all of Norway, and I’ve never seen problems like these. So that response from Blizzard is ridiculous. I’ve tested other games while Classic didn’t work properly, and none of them have the same issues.

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