Blizzard needs to open transfers

The state of the server is so bad for Alliance, it’s impossible to raid, impossible to get guilds, impossible to do really anything because the server is literally 99.5%+ Horde.

They don’t realise this literally just kills so much revenue because people would rather just stop playing than pay £20 for a single realm swap. I personally would like to play some WOTLK and then play into Cata, but I’m just going to give up and not bother if there’s no transfers because I don’t want to pay for an issue Blizzard are forcing.

The faction imbalance has been terrible for literal years, and if they’re not prepared to rebalance the factions one way, then they need to just give up and open up transfers.

What would they prefer, give free transfers and earn £100+ in subs or earn £0 because they’re trying to force a £20 transfer? Just seems completely mindless.

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