Blizzard pls fix alt f4 problem


Can blizzard already fix this alliance tactics then getting asss whooping? I dont mind be killed but common, once horde regroup all run away or using some cheap trick like alt f4. Okay paladins can run like chikens with buble and hearhstone but then rogue attacking from sneaky, then getting back and doing such things its shame.

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Hmmm… Alliance you said…

So, just today, in a couple of hours I played:

  • 6 hordes Alt+F4’ed (at least you can pew-pew them and wait a bit, they die, you get some honor).
  • 12 hordes used their toy, became non-targetable and then accepted queue or phased somewhere.
  • another 6 just vanished while running in place, that looked like queue poped up.

and it happens to me every time I play. More and more since more Horde players discovered their new toy.

So how about you fix your own faction behavior before complaining about Alliance?


Well you better know. Im not playing for alliance. For me enough fix f4 alt problem. Toys or others methods like saw ally using jumping in air and gone its game part cant see why its problem. I not gona wait for honor few points. Want fight then finish it dont run like lil chiken on your own lands on assault or besst place farm alliance near turtle vendor. If want make group and come. And notice same problem in legion, since alliance have better war mode bonus for no reason if they so badass like you why 120 attacking low levels horde then already most of time i see in legion lands 3-5 more alliance players but once start fighting back all acting like typical alliance.

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You sure you didn’t confuse words? You are talking about horde, aren’t you? Because that’s exactly what horde is doing.


Can you tell me what that toy is? I am eh… making a research

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You know, I love to help ppl, I really do. But it’s a horde-only toy, and I really don’t want to be a part of creating another “queue/phasing abuser”. Cheers!


It’s called Rhan’ka’s Escape Plan

But you didn’t hear it from me :wink: it is however nerfed to sh*t though… unless he meant another.

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Yeah, sure, in M+… and this is about WPvP, where it wasn’t nerfed even once, and currently the best exploitable thing in the game.

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Landed into Horde but because I always use the shredder in Stormsong (I still need medals and titan dust is fine) they couldn’t kill me, most Alliance responded we didn’t raid up but worked together. Suddenly half of them phased out including the people with bounties. Well we all got alot of progress done to the weekly! Oh wait forgot to deliver it… BRB! 2 deaths for 15 kills is a good ratio.

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You playing Frost Mage by any chance? There is very little running away from that! Plus, feel honoured, they clearly don’t think they can compete against your kiting abilities!


Just checked out, it’s from quest chain unrelated to main story and that’s why I have never heard of it. It has 2 hours cd and little cast time. I won’t pussy out from fair battle, no worries about that. I’m just gonna use it and play the game of patience. I believe seeker’s Vista is fine place for testing purposes.

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Wouldn’t call “Bubble Hearth” a chicken tactic when a fight is impossible to win from the get-go. When you are ganked by multiple members of the opposing faction its completely fair and fine to counter their overwhelming numbers by denying them the fight altogether!

I have been forced to bubble hearth numerous times during Assaults. Saves my buffs! If they use cheese numbers then I’ll use cheese escapes. It’s all fair and fine in War Mode.

Only dickish thing is when you bubble hearth a fight you are committed to! ^^ Hopping phase or Alt+F4ing should really award partial honour to the “victor” but you should also give honour for bubble hearthing a fight that you clearly made an effort to fight back in but are escaping just because you lost! :slight_smile:

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No, Arcane.
I don’t care about excuses - exploiting is still exploiting.

That’s nice!

It’s called - War Mode OFF or Bubble-hearth if you’re pala, not an exploit of game systems with a toy/queue/phasing.

Ofc it is. You are using abilities of you character in a clever way. That’s all fine.

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Its sounds like You and Coolgrove are doing good work filtering out the resourcers from the rest

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Well Arcane still has a great deal of maneuverability and unless I have been sorely tripping, they do have their own slows to an extent.

Frost is just the biggest annoyance, but all Mage specs are irritating to fight in the right hands.

Just as you find it annoying when people run away, it’s equally annoying to have your head kicked in by a Mage. So can you feel what they are feeling? ^^

Sadly, while its “dishonourable” it’s not an exploit. Changing phase due to Group Finder or queue popping is an intended part of the game.

War Mode is WPvP and WPvP is Survival of the Fittest - that means you must use everything at your disposal to survive. Level, Gear, Class, Skill, Knowledge, Terrain and Grouping up are all usable in becoming the “biggest fish” in the Open World. Sadly, items, toys and phasing are also valid too. Utterly cheesy and scummy, but valid.

I remember being pissed off by Tree-assassins in WoD.

But in the end, War Mode doesn’t force you to fight. You don’t HAVE to fight. You can pick your battles. It would be equally as crappy if players were forced to fight gankers they have no hope in winning against as it is when they run away from the poor Ganked who just wants a fight.

War Mode is just the risk/possibility/danger of being ganked. How you deal with it is up to the player.

It’s all annoying but not everyone runs, right? Even I stay and fight… And not just when Bubble is on cooldown!

I’ve suggested it before- partial honour points given if your opponent breaks combat unnaturally like phasing or queue popping… or bubble hearthing.

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Yeah, every time I meet Assa Rogue or Feral or Frost DK ^^

It depends how much player is abusing it. If it’s just a random pop from time to time - it’s not an exploit. If it’s on a regular basis and/or shows intent - it is.
I had a ticket about it answered (later quote in my post) - Players “phasing out” during fights when close to loosing in Wpvp

Completely agree, even about items and toys - all good. But something out of game-play itself - morally gray area, so to say.

Not that is what dissapoints. It’s when someone attacks you and them queue/phase out because it didn’t go as they planned. Or bounty.

Still, if everyone accepts that abusing phasing and constant queueing is a valid option - there will be a lot less fights and kills in WPvP. It’ll probably die, because there is not battling it, and for abuser it’s just a UI addon.

Depends, if it’s a run with regular means - it’s fun, there could be a chase. But when they run into “loading screen” - there is no options, and it’s meh.

10 min of ress sickness for abuser would be better.

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Yeah, Rogues and Ferals are ungodly annoying. They can be sticky and they will disengage if you jump them, but then that feeling is what other classes have for you when you come rocking up with your kiting and killing! I’d have thought FDKs would be one of them but I can see how they can be a bit of a hassle themselves.

Well I have the same stance on that as Paladins who Bubble Hearth because they are losing a fight them commited to. Or Rogues/Ferals stun-stealth disengaging in a similar fashion. Actually, most Night Elf druids who shadowmeld then flight-form when they are about to be beat! Demon Hunters gliding off cliffs too, though that is usually countered by a Goblin Glider pursuit!

I’d agree to abusers being given some sort of dishonour, maybe losing conquest or honour or something while the bemused “victor” would get a partial reward. As long as those abusers are heavily realm-hopping. It’s not fair to punish players who simply are waiting for a BG queue to pop!

I think I mentioned them all above. Yes. That’s crappy. Should be marked as a coward who failed his own ganks. Would love the achievement “They picked the wrong target to gank” or something for beating off gankers who bit off more than they could chew!

Just don’t reward the abuse. Keep the feature but make normal ways of fighting more beneficial

Ooph, wouldn’t go with that. That’d only go into effect if they actually died! Just keep it to “partial kill” rewards and maybe even disable certain phasing while a fight is going on?

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Would be great. But to have an automated system that can distinguish “players who simply are waiting” from abusers - some kind of AI is needed, otherwise ether “won’t work at all” or too many false punishments. And realistically, it won’t happen in WoW. Only manual by support/GM staff.

Would be fun!

I don’t think it’s about rewards. Right now when killed player’s pride might be hurt and they lose some time on a spirit-healer run. That’s it. But it’s already enough to make players abuse.

I had similar ideas a way back

But I think it could have quite major technical difficulties. There is already lag when players phasing in/out, so additional checks of every player on top of already lagging sharding - could be bad.

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As much as it’s funny to see full 40 man alliance ganks lose 30 people to alt-F4 when you fight back with a dozen of horde players,it’s kind of annoying indeed

Let them alt-F4 if they’re afraid of a fight,but let us kill them and get what we deserve

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