Blizzard plz buff glaives

Please make the docks a viable option again, because right now it doesn’t matter how many people you have defending the glaives, if they die in 1-2 hits.


Not sure about buff glaives , because we will end up once again with "win docks , win the game " , which is pretty much the same as “win hangar , win game” right now .

I say buff the bombs . Both the once at WS and the once in the keep and nerf the damage the ship does to the walls . Or at the very least let people grapple on the ship to kill the cannons there .

This way we will actually have people who will PvP in this bg .
Pressing 1 in the ship cannon for 20 min is the most boring gameplay there is . Not to mention it brakes your keyboard .

true if you let the glaives fire freely it’s way faster than the gunship, but they could adjust both docks and hangar, hp/damage of the glaives maybe increase the cooldown of their abilities etc. Anything that doesn’t make one point on the map superior, it would make the battle more interesting.

glaives are pointless tbh , i normally go to docks and kill glaives if horde has it , i sit in stealth.

but this could be fixed with an immunity until mounted buff

It literally takes 1 good DPS to kill 1 glaive, imagine if it’s 5 of them.

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