Blizzard really should implement better bad luck protection on items

I don’t mind having some sense of progression tied into the process of the game.

However, I do feel the game could show just a little bit more respect for the time of the paying player.

I clear Antorus each week. I clear it on every difficulty, 5 characters every time. That’s 20 times each week.

Through all these months, I’ve seen a single blue Scythe drop from Argus. No Sword, no Urzul, no red Scythe. I would understand this somewhat if these items were important for character progression and player power. But they aren’t.

I know I’m by no means a special case. I know that “It’s just RNG” and “It’s always been this way”, but I feel the game seriously disregards and disrespects the time people put into playing it.

At a certain point, the game should just recognize the effort and give the item to you. Say if you’re looking to complete a transmog set, it should just give the set to you after something like 50 kills. No one wants to spend years upon years doing the same stale content over and over again.

Am I alone in feeling this way? Or is this a view shared by the community?

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