Blizzard start regulating your game now?

Defias Brotherhood isn’t German.

My mistake… Somehow I always believed that people from there were Germans… Hum… maybe because 1 day people chatting from that realm were chatting in German…

Anyway, edited my post and my apologies.

Having a thread a day is not helpful to anyone.


Neither are your posts.


That is not factual.

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I know trying to get people to follow the rules of the forums can be seen as unhelpful when people don’t like the rules.

For more info see


I didnt create the thread, but if someone is breaking the rules isnt it better to report and move on?

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Even more funny when it’s being pointed out that one can receive a ban from forums because “insert reasons here”.

When players are making a perfectly valid statement.

That being:
Multiboxers are a big nuisance, they disrupt the flow of realms with their activities.
Blizzards own eula states that it is not allowed, therefore it’s a mystery to most people in here why they don’t act on it?

But then a “representative” points out they’re perfectly fine with banning people from the forum when it’s being pointed out.
Not mentioning the people that are white knighting the multiboxers because they’re bored and come up with “facts”.

Fact is they are a problem, many people have issues with multiboxers?
Humour us Blizzard, make a voting poll for all subbers and let’s see what people really think then?

Thank you!


I think your definition of “fact” is a bit odd. Many people have issues with boxers? Sure. At the same time many have no problem whatsoever with them. That is a fact.

“Creating threads about existing topics”, therefore it does not matter whether your point is valid or not - could easily have been made in existing topics.

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If it’s something you feel you need to report then you can click on the little flag icon to do so.

I’m just going to gently remind people :slight_smile:

A herb/ore node shouldn’t despawn after one player harvests it. But it does if a multiboxer does it, leaving a nearby player that might’ve been fighting off creatures to get to the node with nothing.

I think that is something that should be adressed.


oh boy another thread about the same thing, where people give the same answers to the same non-issue and the OP is left salty only to create a new thread the next day. I love the forums.


This is why i suggested to open a voting poll about it so people can make themselves heard.

If people would say: “no problem with multiboxers just let them be” then i will take that result and never open a thread / topic / whatever about that anymore.
But give people the chance to share their thoughts about it, but you know what the majority will vote right?

I want a fair option for people so we can use our professions like it was intended to be from the start.
There’s nothing fair about multiboxers picking nodes clear leaving nothing for other players, saying there’s nothing wrong with that can only make me reason that you either are a multiboxer or have ties to one?
There’s no sane person who could defend this kind of behaviour.

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Get ahead of them.

2x negative. I do not care about multiboxers at all, for all I care they do prohibit it.

But I doubt we can convince Blizzard after so many years nor do I think the support for this is widespread. A poll is nice and all but unrealistic, this is not a democracy we are talking about. If they want to poll something they will, otherwise it is like saying “the majority wants it and you cannot prove me wrong” (free translation of “let’s poll it”).

Pick your battles, they sometimes say.

What do you think a poll will achieve? Obviously polls aren’t permitted on the forums but how is it any different from the forum regulars sharing how they are having problems herbing up against multiboxers in Nazjatar?

I’m just curious.

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Your response leads me to believe you only read what you wanted to read?

What i said was this:

–>Blizzard<-- make a voting poll for all active account holders on -->the Blizzard launcher<-- so people can vote how they think about this matter?
At least give them an option so something can be done about it either way.

The multiboxing is clearly against their own eula / tos whatever you want to call it, though they chose to enforce to ban gamestreamers which is valid because it’s a rule stated by Blizzard after all, but they chose not to enforce this against multiboxers who are disturbing the flow of the game for a lot of people?

Might as well just take all those rules down and allow botters, multiboxers, external websites selling a lot of services then?

I genuinly want to see people voting, because i am convinced that the outcome will be against these people.
Dissatisfied customers means less income in the end, are we truly going to sit by and wait till people are turning their backs towards Blizzard because they’re indifferent to people pointing out this problem?

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I was genuinely curious, so you mean at an account level rather than any kind of poll publicly. That makes more sense :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to get so defensive at a question.

Multi boxing is as old as the game itself. It even has addons built for people multiboxing and has done for a long while. It’s never been bannable.

At the end of the day multiboxers can be annoying and yes there are people with far too much free time. But it isn’t bannable. I’ve not seen many games push bans on players for it either.

And no when they say interrupting game flow, their talking about cheating and exploiting.

A multi boxer is no different to 5 individual players competing for nodes. Therefore it doesn’t change what would be happening.

If they were changing things or exploiting software to spawn the nodes themselves then sure.:


Nothing, it’s a classic tactic for people that refuse to be reasoned with. When they run out of arguments, they will demand some sort of proof, evidence or experiment that is obviously pointless, very impractical or flat out impossible to perform and they will act like they won the argument if you don’t provide it on the spot.

It’s very common with blatantly unreasonable people, like flat earthers or young earth creationists for example.


You on the other hand are trying to bring someone down by comparing me to people with mental issues.
That certainly makes your statement valid now does it?

It almost feels like people are scared and by trying to ridicule the person(s) that are asking for a solution to a problem, how very basic human being of you.

What’s next? Personal attacks maybe?
Scared yet?