Blizzard supports racism?

As a solid member of this community, pre BFA, and legion and all the expansions before, I was a big campaigner in us merging realms due to the population issues that we suffered from.

Sh!T got so bad we had josh from method basically charity healing our raid because the server was that dead for mythic antorus we literally could not replace a player when they left for several weeks.

Anyway I begged and I pleaded and I made posts and macros and tickets and whatever else u can do in this game, then I transferred all my characters to tarren mill.


I feel like this is the biggest insult ever merging us with a load of degenerates who have taken over the server the whole trade chat is in a foreign language they wont group with people who arent from there country.

Racist disgusting community and blizzard are a joke for even letting this happen


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