Blizzard you messed up so bad!


1: Way back, Please chance from SHAZ you will get huge queues. Our F whole guild went through a merge and name changes.

2: On the new server, please chance servers again they will be F up. So again we go to the trouble of managing it.

3: On the new server. Again, Please chance servers, it will be a F up queue. So again we F chance servers again with a lot of unhappy people.

4: Finally we have a good server and people realize it. Again, 5k+ Queue. Which isn’t the highest but still super shat.

I just stopped the client cause, I just got home and I wanted to play. If this server is still a queue time in a week, then this is the greatest f up you guys ever made.

And I am really F pissed about it, cause we waited and prepared so F long for this.

Like common… Look at how many realms and you gave us 2 (pvp) in the beginning, what a joke!


Hopefully will be sorted soon?


Wont fix it, phase 2 we will get a 1000k queue.

They need to add more and more and more servers and let us transfer our characters


They will fix it, but it takes time… they will do it in steps (most likely).

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