Blizzards credibility. Chinajoy interview

(Zarao) #1


Ok, how much credibility do these declarations have?
Apparently, Sylvanas won’t die this expansion.

Will they handle it right if she does indeed survive?
Must admit, that I personally feel like there are several scenarios where her death would be a thousand times better than the kind of shenanigans they’d pull to milk the cow further with her character.

I do think that taking her character down the obvious villain role and removing her like some random Old God minion, would be to waste her character and leave the Horde yet again without another key historic character.
But…going with some contrived Kerrigan 4D Chess move seems about as bad an ending as the previous one.

So, to keep it simple: Do you believe this guy when he says they won’t kill her? And, How well do you guys think they’ll handle it, if they indeed keep her in place?
Also, what kind of ending will that leave us?


I don’t think they will kill her, too many fanboys for some reason. They will turn her into a big bad with her own faction for a future expansion.

To be honest I think she’ll just leave the horde come the end of BFA and we’ll be left hanging until the next expansion. If they tried a garrosh 2.0 they know people will go bat-s@#t crazy.

Side note, looking at those fans faces and expressions on the video they just looked like they didn’t give a crap about Sylvanas at all haha.

(Leíá) #3

I think it’s more of the internet likes Sylvanas, more than actually the silent players. The latter does make up the majority.

Well, it all depends.

It says “Sylvanas will not die in BfA.” BfA must come to an end at some point…if you get my meaning.

From my take:
The character still has story to tell with this “Made life her enemy” plot. I do believe that, if she wishes to target anyone else who are #ProLife, then it’ll be the Red Dragons and Alexstrasza. I also do think Tyrande will play a role in this as well, to continue the Night Elves vs Forsaken (Life vs Death) faction sub-plot.

(Malaficus) #4

You are right.
That amuses me.

Sylvanas wont die.
Not because it would be best for the story.
But between wod and bfa they really dont want to risk more people unsubbing.


Listen carefully to him.
He sais:


The possible conclusion is, that they WILL kill her. But not that quickly… In a big story… :roll_eyes:


Well… neither did AU Gul’dan die in WoD. His story was still essentially over, though.

Did you really ask that question? Really?

I did kind of like her motivation in the supposed Shadowlands leak. Sylvanas creating the war to bolster her favourite death entity’s forces in the Shadowlands, to lead to a less horrible afterlife for her and her people in the long run… sounds kind of true to her character, really. It also explains why she wasn’t really bothered about keeping the Horde together or why she didn’t tell people about her masterplan… considering her masterplan was just to kill people for the greater good as she saw it…

Not that I think that will happen, and not that I don’t think that there are still some glaring plotholes in this one, but I do think this was the variant I have heard that made most sense out of her BfA actions.

Sadly, yes. I just want it to end, but they still think they are genius writers.

All the things we have discussed here for the last few years. Not all of them make sense, but neither does the lore.

  • Throw-away villain for some future raid, after she leads in the next addon.
  • Long-term villain.
  • Kerrigan character swap, because mind control, possibly stays Warchief.
  • 4D chess, and everyone forgives her and lets her lead the Forsaken.
  • 4D chess and she leads a new neutral faction.
  • 4D chess and she leads an electable new player faction.
  • She becomes some kind of god/demon.

How almost everything that happened this addon is to be interpreted depends on her motivations. That she won’t “just” die doesn’t give us anything about her motivations, and is thus not really an important revelation. It doesn’t change much of anything.


Yeah probally one of those. I think the last one is her ultimate goal.


'tis comedy hour!

(Däkär) #9

We already had this crap in Starcraft. It didn’t go well.


Just cause everyone forgived Sarah, and she turned into some unstopable OP. But if Sylvanas will simply ascend to a level of Helia/Bwonsamdi and will rule some region of SL, it won’t be bad.

(Malaficus) #11

I dont think she is forgiven(outside of her close friend meaby) it is just that they can no longer punish her being a god and all.

(Kaisena) #12

Just because she is different does not mean she needs to die.

Too many one sided and boring characters in wow already.

Sylvanas is a true wildcard that keeps the story more interesting, a fan fovorite since W3 days and an icon to the Forsaken as a race.

Killing her would be a very stupid decision.

(Leíá) #13

Here’s the thing though. Excitement for the big named characters is at a low.

I see it all the time - their is more excitement for other characters over Sylvanas, Anduin, Baine, Jaina, Tyrande, Nathanos etc. These characters have been written at a pace that simply isn’t up-to-speed with what the player knows and that’s one reason why people are not keen on them. Their writing is horrible, but they are being forced down our throats and it’s off-putting.

You don’t excite people by forcing these characters in their faces.

At this stage, Blizzard truly needs to put these characters into the background and have more unknown characters take the stage. Characters like Jarod Shadowsong, Gryan Stoutmantle, Ly’leth Lunastre, Delaryn Summermoon, Thassarian’s Sister, Lorna Crowley as well as many others.

We do need a break from the big names, because they are, simply put - awful.

(Kaisena) #14

Actually, Sylvanas has seen little screen time in this expansion imo.

Side characters do need some more love though I admit.

Still waiting for my boy Rommath to take his place as one of the best mage currently alive.

(Leíá) #15

And what we’ve seen is like Tyrande. Jumping around, nothing making sense and god awful writing.

Truly, we need her to die and be brought back. We need to see a consequence to Tyrande killing the Val’kyr and that having only 3 Val’kyr who are strong enough to bring her back once more.
Then both characters might start being more consistent.

So long as Azshara is around, she will likely hold that mantle. Jaina even states “Azshara…possibly one of the most powerful sorceresses that has ever lived” or something to that effect.

(Däkär) #16

No. She needs to die because she’s a shady, cruel, psychotic tyrant who has blood on it’s hands. And for her fanboys’ salty tears.

(Leíá) #17

If not that, die and be brought back, hence losing her last 3 Val’kyr.

But I say this as a story continence as a whole. The grand overall outcome needs to show a direct consequence to Tyrande killing Bryjna.

(Kaisena) #18

Losing all characters that have different traits then your average cereal box super hero will make for a god awful boring story.


Yes I do.
Did Garrosh died in Cataclysm ?
Notice he said:
“You thought we would kill Sylvanas that quickly ?”

I think she will still be our Warchief by the start of the next expansion as Garrosh was.
The Horde Pc will still be following her orders as he did with Garrosh in MoP.
Remember General Nazgrim ?
Nathanos will still be our “General” in the next expansion.

For the people who chose to follow Sylvanas, they will still be under her command, all according to the “plan”, they are told to rest assured.

For the people who chose to rebel, they will still follow her, after all the rebellion in which Saurfang, Baine and Thrall are, needs a insider and Sylvanas can pretend she doesn’t know.

MoP 2.0
But with Activision Blizzard saying this time it totally isn’t.

Let’s see, we went and found a new island and a new race but we ended up fighting a old God remains and the last raid was SoO.

Will go and fight N’Zoth and probably find out about Sylvanas master plan by the end as we found out what Garrosh was planning by the end of MoP.

Just my opinion.
But studying the pattern of Evil Warchief script, I am not surprised.
People were too hasty to call this MoP 2.0.
This is Cataclysm 2.0.
MoP 2.0 is on the next expansion.



Srsly barring the intro scenario we really haven’t see anything from Sylvanas. It was all Nathanos, Anduin, Jaina, Saurfang, Baine and Talanji. And Magni for the Azerite story. For being blizzard main antagonist right now they are literally doing nothing with her because they dehumanized her character so far, showing her intentions would ruin what they tried to do with her presentation since the Teldrassil burning.