DO NOT swap places between Unholy Blight and Epidemic in the talent tree come 10.0.7
There are PVPers that play this game too. Sure it’s an alright change for people who do
:nauseated_face:M*thic plus :face_vomiting:
and if you DO decide you want to @#!/ us PVPers in the #@! then I’m unsubbing once the change goes live. We have a good talent tree, WHY RUIN IT, WHY, WHY DONT YOU JUST MAKE E🤢PIDEMIC BASELINE AND MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY WHY?


why would you get angry about just a talent that will be useless anyways. Who cares about unholy blight in pvp, it does like 5k damage per tick or something. The dot build sucks anway, it’s just pad damage, in PvP you need big single target burst.
There are FAR better talents to pick and build in the next patch.
I will be looking for a HUGE pet build, with Commander of the dead and with unholy assault, to make Gargoyle hit like a machinegun firing NUKES.

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meanwhile every dk on the ladder uses a dot build. either with assault or commander but always dot.
assault petbuild pumps hard but its only the first go with all cd’s combined. after that u have no pressure.

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