The situation with unholy in pvp is getting seriously out of hand with the amount of burst globals forever increasing, in SL we had a 6 global setup which has now turned into 7 or 8, what’s the idea here ion? Might aswell turn our rotational buttons into burst cds at this point, it’s not like they’re dealing any dam anyway

Its not just PvP. The Setup for UH is so bloated it just isnt fun to play anymore. UH makes Affli-Warlock feel fast paced…

No. It’s completely fine to have a 10 second ramp up in PvP, even tho majority of the other specs are killing you by the time you actually start your burst :smiley:

My advice is to never roll DK for PvP. They are very often in the middle pack, barely any season to shine and it gets nerfed into the ground the second something goes out of hand. Just play DH/Rogue/Lock/Warr.

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