Blood Buffs?

So, between the US and these forums, all I read about is frost.

Didn’t bdk get some nice buffs too? I’m new to the blood dk world but they seemed pretty decent to me.

I pvp and do low end mythics (well will start doing) and I like what I saw.

Anyone else have any thoughts or feedback?

I really enjoy the class, especially since I pug a lot and do things solo.

Sorry, this is my dk.

I believe in the Orr blood is receiving a damage buff?

Those buffs are actually pretty solid, blood is now easily top 3 tank with prot warr and paladin.

Don’t overreact, the buffs are fine but it’s by no means a huge increase. Personally I would have prefered some single target damage buffs instead. damage in raids and tyrannical bosses is still garbage compared to every other tank. And I mean not even close.

What I would like to see is some talent changes that give multipliers for damage to other spells. Like for example warrior spending 30 rage x8 to get a 200% shield slam increase.

I get that they can’t buff bdk damage to be on par with warriors and monks cause that would make dk the best tank in the game for sure. But right now it’s just way too far behind.

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