Blood DK getting nerfed as well

Blood DK already considered one of the worst tanks in the game for RBGs, but now all its defensives are getting gutted because of frost/unholy performance. Will of the Necropolis was never considered a problem for blood DKS, but now it needs to be nerfed by 50% right after frost/unholy get it? Meanwhile guardian druid is untouched. Guardian druids are tanking 10 people in BGs while doing top damage, but it’s blood DK who needs nerfs in Blizzard logic.

As tanks in PvP you have prot pala and bear druid doing massive damage and massive self heal, both can help others on the team (prot pala by a long shot, and they were buffed with more hp now lol). Blood DK has no abilities to help the team other than anti magic zone (very nice) and the chains for pvp that does 20% damage taken on all targets in the chain, thats it, grip maybe? slow as heck. Self heal is sub par compared to those two. What do even blood dk have? Atleast prot warrior and demon hunter have movement speed, we have none, cant even save an ally.

Is that a PvPtopic? Didnt know there where Tanks in PvP?

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So you didn’t know RBGs exist.

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