Blood DK, UH DK and Resto Sham LF H/Mythic Guild

Our current guild is not good enough, and we’re all top dps/healer/tank on our guild runs so we’d like to join a better guild. We can guarantee being the top healer, dps and tank in most of the bosses. :slight_smile:

We’re up for trials if you want to test us first.

Hey there our guild is reqruiting atm would u mind talking some time? or did u already find a guild?

We are a semi - hardcore raiding guild who aim for CE lemme know if u are interrested

Bnet: a4papier#2833
Discord a4papier#3255

[H] Imaginary Squad guild on stormscale are 10/10HC and 2/10Mythic. We are recruiting healers and dps for our raid team. One of our tanks may be able to swap to dps so we could consider taking your DK as tank if he couldn’t re-roll dps.

Our raid days are:
Wednesday and EITHER Thursday OR Sunday
Raid times: 1900-2300.

If you guys are social and committed then we’d be happy to consider and look at taking you on.

Many thanks
Battletag: Pata#2290 if you want to have a chat.