<Blood Pact> (H) Recruiting

(Cythic) #1
<Blood Pact> are a new guild looking to recruit and build a community. We are looking for mature players who want to get away from soulless guilds who never talk or do anything together.

I have played WoW for so long now and been in so many guilds where its just a collection of people who never speak and have decided to make a guild based on what a guild should be - a friendly community where people feel welcome and can play the game with like minded people.

Once we have the numbers we will Raid, do dungeon runs, run M+, island expeditions and PvP ... maybe even fishing.

Contact me in game or here for information

(Solkrieg) #2
hey, i would be very interested in joining and becoming a member, more interested in PvE that PvP as im honestly not very good aha. And happy to contribute and take part in any and all events......even fishing :D

(Trilius) #3
i would like to join your guild but i am fairly new to the game,
i want to progress futher with other people and hope this is not a problem. i would understand if it is tho.
please let me know!

(Cythic) #4
Hey Guys, happy to have you both in the guild, just drop me or any member a whisper and they will invite you =)




I’m interested if you’re still recruiting members. I’ve never been in any guilds before and never joined any random ones with thousands of innactive players so I’m completely new to this! However I’d still love to join a friendly social place and try out game content with some nice people who can help me out.