Blood question

Hey all just made a VE blood dk and finding it very fun 45 allready. I’m loving the fact I can stay alive in instances through my own healing ATM. My question is does this stay the same at end game in mythic plus and just as fun?

Thanks in advance.

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If you enjoy the health-juggle, the factor of minmaxing damage taken to max your survivalability - always walking the edge, from either safe to dead. Well, if so, yes - even lategame you will enjoy it. Once you learn that D’D slow is one of the best tools in your kit to take control of the damage taken profiles, you will truly get to feel some mastery of the spec. Mastery is fun. High skill ceiling, yet quite forgiving when played safe, so you can make BDK fit your playstyle.

Keep in mind though: As BDK you are almost playing a solo-game, you can’t really interact with your allies and they can’t really do the same to you. This could be a good thing or bad, depending on how you like it.

BDK is usually a ton of fun, it is viable for all content. Now, to note, you might struggle a bit if you go to the very cutting edge of content progression. So, if you are aiming to do mythic +30, BDK might not be the best choice.

Now if your goal is 20s for the portals and achievements, maybe mythic raiding. Then BDK got you cowered. It should remain fun if it is your cup of tea all the way :dracthyr_nod:

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It doesn’t stay the same, it gets even better, all you’re going to need from your healer is maybe a defensive getting into a pack, but other than that he can ignore you and you should be fine.

Basically you’re self-sufficient as long as you know when to press your buttons, the problem comes at very high keys where you run into a pack and just get one shot if you have no defensives and RP (also known as “DK moment”).

Keep in mind that in keys between 2-18 you’ll still feel kinda tanky, but as you go +19 or higher you’ll just get obliterated constantly, which means that a single mistake will get you (and your party) killed.

If you die as BDK it’s 100% your fault so if you don’t mind that responsability then go for it.

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