Bloody Dancing Steel

I’ve been going through my characters and looking at my rogue, I have the weapons in my bag from MoP where I got 2.2+ achiev and the reward was the Bloody Dancing Steel enchant, which turned our weapons red to show we’d achieved the rating, same as those granted to people earning 2.1 now days, or even 2.4 in WoD.

Then in WoD, they kept the weapon enchants, but now the weapon enchant was 2.4k for Glorious Tyranny. Now days the weapon ench for pvp requires 2.1k, which is lower than both, so why is it that Glorious tyranny provides the enchant illusion from WoD, but the weapons sitting in my characters bags don’t provide the illusion, even though when I equip them, they show up in the character wardrobe as me having glorious tyranny which “you have not collected”.

It only makes sense to allow those of use who achieved the original achievement the ability to actually use the enchant we earned, rather than locking it without an explanation.

It would mean a lot to the players who’ve stuck by the game and earned those achievements to be granted the same fairness to use those enchants, as is granted to those who also achieved enchant achievements/transmogs of other seasons.

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Totally Agree a ton of PvPers left without what they legit earn back in Mist of Pandaria, Is been more than 10 years almost and still a solution for us has never been discussed really.

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