<Bloody Mess> H recruiting


Due to some players taking RL breaks, we are recruiting a few spots for our raid team.

We’re an English speaking guild with a very strong social aspect. Majority of us have been together for a while.

MC & Ony is on farm, We run one 40 person group, And raid Wednesday & Sunday (if needed) @ 19.30 Server time.

What we’re looking for from our recruits is;

  • A decent level of understanding your class / role
  • Use discord and communicate in English
  • Join in and participate when not raiding
  • Basic adulting skills when it comes to playing with others.

Loot is DKP based, but it’s highly likely you’ll be bidding against yourself.

We’re currently looking for;

1 DS / Ruin Warlock

1 DPS War

1 Prot War

Spot are open for others if you’re a highly skilled player or willing to bribe Tornee.

Contact in game

Speak / Zigmat / Raggax

Thank you

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