Bm 10% nerf

Hi guys, i actually think that nerf hit us a bit more then expected - what do you think. Last week i was pretty able with no problems at all to keep up with meta dps classes but now its the same problem like before. I think this nerf is not reasonable.

ah well we get hit before we will survive this one to, still not benching him over it.

MM nerf is worse. BM is good, it does great ST damage. Has unlimited mobility

You dont understant this. These big bm players want their undemanding character to be S tier. I hope this will never happen, that the tutorial character of the game become S tier.

you do realise mm is easier to play then bm right ? no stacks to track no multipool layers of rng like bm has wildcall procs/direbeast procs /war order procs with needs to be happening consistently otherwise the spec feels meh and yeah mm has 2 more bottom with it’s aoe set up so that makes it a harder spec? plz tel me why mm is harder to play then bm because this isn’t the first time i have seen you on these forums throwing hate at bm


Is it hard to understand? I’m not saying that it’s easier than mm, but that it’s easier than everything. With other casters including MM you have to cast your spells, and yes its sometimes hard, you have to stop some of your cast or u die etc, with malees u have to avoid lot of stuff near the targets, cleavs aoes etc. And what are you doing with BM? You can run 0/24 pressing your instnats from 40 yards, whiteout any dps loss. Thats why BM is the easiest spec in this game. I say if someone is a bm hunter then shut up and don’t think you’re a pro player because you’re not.

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It doesn’t matter either way.

Balance should not work based on which spec is harder to play.

Otherwise arcane mage should do 50 % more damage than everyone else when played perfectly, does that seem like a good idea?

Yea i didn’t think so.

The reason why i answered you instead of the other guy, is frankly because he doesn’t even deserve an answer for his poorly thought out, stupid as hell points.

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