BM hunter/ DH/Warrior DPS LF mythic raiding guild

Im a swedish man who is looking for a new home. I have been raiding since cataclysm on HC/mythic and always loved it. But the past 1 year i have not been so active but now im back and ready to raid again. I can move server and faction if needed.

Add me ingame if you have any questions or anything.
Ingame Zyrrhos - silvermoon B-tag squizh#2430

Hey there, Ännihilation on Silvermoon are recruiting DPS for 9.2

We’re currently 10/10HC 5/10M, and need DPS with versatility for 9.2 raiding, we can definitely accomodate

Message me on Discord Rozaan#2860

Hey if you can raid the daytime we are recruiting!