BM Hunter pet management

Hi all, just wanna share that i noticed that dire beast summoned pets and, sometimes, the secondary pet, don’t respond to /petattack and similar commands.

They behave by attacking the target you summoned them on, and just keep on going until they either de-spawn, the target dies or they lose aggro through mechanics as vanish or freezing trap etc.

This makes it really messy to swap target and is super annoying. Dunno if demo warlocks have the same issues.

Yes, that’s how it works. Don’t use it on a target that’s going to die within the next 8 seconds.

It makes no sense that i can’t control my pets tho.
If the target dies i can send my pets to some1 else, i can’t do it unless the target dies tho.

It isn’t a pet. It’s just a passive.

That makes absolutely no sense. They are all temporary pets.

I tried other pets with other classes, the only ones who behave the same are the imps in demonology. All the pets of UH DK follow your commands, demonology’s vilefiend and random demons from “inner demons” follow your commands as well.

This seems to be some kind of old coding stuff present only on two kind of pets in the entire game.
Not even the secondary pet of UH DK behaves as the secondary pet in BM.

Have you tried playing monk? You don’t mention Xuen.

The secondary pet of BM is the one that’s summoned from the 1st stable slot through the Animal Companion talent. Dire Beast is not a secondary pet.

I’ve tested Xuen and the pet works perfectly. The randomly summoned version is a bit slow but responds to /petattack command on target swap even if it doesn’t have a petbar.

I feel you are not even understanding what i’m saying at his point.

I understand that you’re whining about something that works according to the tooltip.

Absolutelly not. Nowhere in the tooltip you find “you can’t control this pet”.
I’m not whining, i’m just saying that is crazy for a spec that revolves around the use of pets to be unable to use them properly when the AI of pets is bad enough.

Do you really need to be treated like a child to understand?

It says it ‘attacks the target’. I’m sure that’s clear enough for almost everyone else.

Is that your reasoning? :rofl:
Ok, but then you have:

  • Call Dreadstalkers: “Summons 2 ferocious Dreadstalkers to attack the target for 12 sec.”
  • Grimoire: Felguard: “Summons a Felguard who attacks the target for 17 sec…”
  • Summon Darkglare: “The Darkglare will serve you for 20 sec, blasting its target…”

All of these spells use the same terminology as Dire Beast, but you are able to command your pet as you prefer.

At the same time you have:

  • Dire Beast: “Summons a powerful wild beast that attacks the target…”
  • Hand of Gul’Dan: “Calls down a demonic meteor full of Wild Imps which burst forth to attack the target.”

Again, same tooltip, different meanings.
The game has been out for more then 15 years and still there are people who don’t understand that tooltips are written in a general sense and are not super specific.

I feel like I have to explain things to a child tbh.

You’re the one who is so petty as to go through all those tooltips on all those classes just because you can’t handle picking your target when you summon the direbeast on a spec as easy - some say braindead - as BM, and you’re calling me a child. That’s actually funny.

I’m putting you on ignore now.

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thank you.

Yes, it makes no sense that /petattack doesn’t work on Dire Beast.

Will they fix it? Who knows.

If, like you say, your second main pet(which you get from the talent Animal Companion) doesn’t respond to your commands, like /petattack, or by making a keybind for the Attack button on your pet action bar(that should command your second pet as well when pressed), then something is indeed not working correctly.

Having said that…

Dire Beasts are not pets. They’re classified as guardians, and you typically have very little control over such units. They’re effectively like physical DoTs which can move around. You can cast them on a target, and they will stick to that target until it dies or they despawn. If you attack a different target, the Dire Beasts should also start attacking it due to the hidden /assist function they have. You have no manual way(commands etc) to make them swap targets. Your note about how guardians of other classes swap targets when you use /petattack, that seems unlikely. More likely, they swap automatically due to the assist function, once the game senses that you’re attacking a different target than they are.

In short, that’s how they work, since they aren’t actual pets as far as the game is concerned.


Thank you for going in detail about the differences between guardian and pet.
The second pet (animal companion) responds correctly to /petattack macros, but attack on his own when autoattacking a target, for that reason sometimes has issue with the “follow” command, and doesn’t respond to it.

Having said that, I can assure you that other guardians follow the /petattack command, I have tested some of them at the training dummies in Valdrakken. Obviously I can’t say I tried all of them since there are so many, but as far as I’ve tested, only the imps work as the Dire Beasts, which makes it weird and feels more like an oversight.

Even if that’s the case, dire beasts/imps should behave the same as other pets/guardians

Edit: on the wowpedia page about guardians (which seems pretty old) the Grimoire: Felguard is noted: “this Felguard is an uncontrollable guardian minion.” This was changed in Shadowlands patch 9.0.5. In the same patch dreadstalkers received the same kind of update.

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