Bolstering is killing m+

It is the second week of the season, everyone is super-hyped and the m+ is completely and utterly dead from reset day. It is nearly impossible to find tanks for any decent keys 10-15+.

People know that listing a key this early in the season, means 5-10 tank signups in seconds. It takes 10-15minutes to get a single signup currently.

So my question is the following; is there a plan here? are you trying to grief your playerbase? I am seriously interested in just understanding the thought process behind having the worst affix week and have it rotate in the 2nd week of the season.

Appreciate any feedback and discusscion

M+ is hard, more news at 2.

But seriously, it is not “griefing” for there to be a hard affix present in a week and perhaps an “easier” affix for the other week. Would it be different if it were the first week, the third week or any week at all? You’ll get it eventually as a challenge.

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