Bonegrinder is definitely bugged

I did some tests, and it does happen that you use killing machine and bonegrinder does not proc.

I know this for certain at this point.

Please fix it. This is a major problem.

I confirmed this when during the opener with 0 previous stacks of anything i noticed 7 stacks of enduring strength and 4 of bonegrinder. Right at the end of pillar of frost please make it make sense.

Then i actually looked closer, and i noticed that this ability does not proc on the regular.

I don’t know how much of a dps loss this is, but it is absolutely a major loss. And it’s an unacceptable bug.


Indeed, it’s very disheartening to have 5 stacks of Bonegrinder, see that it’s close to the end of it’s duration, get that KM proc, only to have it not pop Bonegrinder.

It actually happens quite regularly.

It’s really bad.

I’ve made several posts regarding the issue, they don’t seem to care. DK is dead, unholy damage will be gutted soon so it will also be swamp tier again. It is what it is, the class devs are biased and dont put any effort into DKs, paladins and enhancement shamans. It’s like they nerf them according to other players feelings towards playing against them in both pvp/pve. Makes me quite sad tbh

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