Boomie LF Btags/Team

Hello :slight_smile:

Chill 30yo. hungarian here just came back from a small break and would love to find new people to que 2s/3s with consistantly :slight_smile: .

As the title says i main boomie which im still practicing, got to 1758 sofar in 2s.

I have overall 2.2+ xp on 2 different dps classes in legion and bfa, 2k+ as sp in SL and 2k+
as hpala in DF. In SS i got 2.4 in DF s1 on my old main which was demo :slight_smile: .

Hope i can find likeminded people that want to practice, improve and see how far we can get.

I like to play with voice, as for languages i can speak english, hungarian and german :smiley: .

If you wanna que it up or have a chat add me at Gotty#21674 .
Until then cya guys :smiley:

Posted on the wrong char this is my boomie :smiley: