Boomkin LF guild!

Hi there, I am a freshly levelled boomkin that is looking for an active social guild, I like to do lots of Mythic + and quite enjoy PVP

I have previously played a rogue up to 210ilvl but have fell out of love with the character, hence the swap to druid. I am from the UK and play most days for a few hours at least.

Long story short looking for a friendly guild that does mythics and has quite an active community. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! Primordial Knights is recruting for m+ key pushers and pvpers, socials are also welcome.

If you are interested please add me from discord! darthlexa#0679

Hi! We are not so big, but mighty social!
Read more about us here:
Veritas Alonsus - Casual gang looking for more

Hello Druvox, if you are looking to raid as well then Continental Breakfast - Stormscale may be a good fit.

We are focusing on M+/Raiding Shadowlands. (currently cleared Normal and on our way into Heroic)

Many of our members, do RBG’s and Arena as well, so plenty of PvP action

Ideally looking to focus on a small close knit team for 20 man raiding. Been on and off since Vanilla.

We are a small group at the moment and anyone is welcome to join.

Leave a comment or message me in game :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Maybe Sabotage is the guild for you? Check us out and message me if you are interested or have questions


If a faction change is something you would consider, then Hygge might be the place for you.

We’re a 2 day a week social raiding guild. We began our first week of guild raiding this reset and cleared 10/10N with a lot of new players raiding for the first time. We’re moving into HC, but will still be running normal on a voluntary basis on Tuesday nights. We also run evenings to push M+ as guild groups.

The guild was formed on the basis that we get along and pull together. Our social element comes first and the fact we have managed to recruit 25+ members in less than a month with a very active discord is testament to our guild philosophy.

If we sound like the place for you, feel free to add me for a chat -

Discord - oridious#9022
Bnet - ScuttleCreb#2666

Thankyou for the invitations guys, But unfortunately i am looking for a guild on my home realm, Draenor.

I should of probably said that in my first post, sorry

Hey there!
Im Ally co-GM of a guild on Draenor :slight_smile: we are Currently running a HC guild looking to go to Mythic with our raid team but growing our more social community too we have a active discord with laughs and banter with people chatting on non raid nights ^^ we have a social fun raid on a Tuesday but generally mythic groups can be slow but we are trying to push them more and the guys have just found pvp due to the lovely affix this week :stuck_out_tongue:

if you want to chat feel free to add me on Bnet : Allyssi#2111 or Disc Allyssi#4054

take care!
Ally x

hey check us out if u like what u see hit me up :slight_smile:

We have just started our mythic raid progression as we sit on 1/10M, and we’re looking for more ranged DPS!
We’re a friendly bunch and we have players who love M+ and others who love PVP so there is a little bit for everyone!

Hi there,

If a move to Stormscale seems like it could be an option i’d like to throw my guild into the mix! (We’re also mainly UK based).