Veritas Alonsus - Casual gang looking for more

Server Alonsus
Faction Alliance

Veritas has been around the Alonsus server since 2015. As so many other guilds from back then, we have lost members. We have lost them to RL, families, bad expansions, good expansions……In other words – to time. We are however still a core of members who now want more people to play with.

So who are we?
We are a friendly, mature gang, who knows how RL can come in the way, but still want to play wow. We love being social on discord or in chat, and have room for more.
Since the guild is in need of a small resurrection, we can’t offer you a raid team (at least for now), BUT we do try to have guild events and M+ groups every week.
Our goal for the guild is still the same; that you feel like you are home when you log on. We care about how is behind the keyboard, and not that your gear or dps is the best (tho it would help the rest of us :wink: ).
So if you are looking for a friendly gang to chat with while you are doing pet battles, leveling your 22nd alt, running your transmog runs, want to try yourself in a new role or do a dungeon (or five) while having a laugh. Then come join us!

For more info, or to join us, contact
MinaCara/LaraLuna/ Nãilia/Sarii, Bnet: minamus#2291/DeepSolace Discord: minamus#5375

We have been growing some, but we have room for more! If you want a nice, chill gang to hang out with, have a laugh and do some dungeons, come join us! :slight_smile: