Boomkin/Lock lf m+ premade

Hello, as the title says, im looking for a m+ premade group for my boomkin/destro lock. Both characters are finalized in gearing with 2 emb. items and 485/486 with bis trinkets.
I’m running this season 24-25 so far. 3100 io. Exhausted from pugging. Need nice people to push with and enjoy the company. I’m very flexible for gaming days, so should be no problem what days you prefer. I play WoW since 2005 with a few breaks, been doing succesfully pvp , raiding and somewhat of m+. I’ve seen every angle in this game except pet battles. I can deal with criticism. I speak german english and russian. Usually very calm . I play range dps only except hunter. So I can adapt to meta with sp/lock/boomy/mage/ele.

I do NOT look for people that rage or cry during the key or can’t improve. Also if you have people in your group that have egos I’m not interested and don’t waste your time contacting me.

Other than that if you are interested in having a flexible range dps that is active and wanna push it to the limit let me know.

Jacusi#1294 , cheers

still looking

still looking