Boost scam

Hi guys i just wanted to warn you about a player named Redaction here on kazzak he offers boosts in trade chat and then scams you once you pay him. i should have looked him up cause he hasn’t done a dungeon in 21 days at this point and he’s guildless so yeah wish i had checked him out before i wasted my hard earned money

Just report him to blizz, they might be able to get your gold back and ban him =)

thanks i will try that

I’m pretty sure it’s in the TOS that you have to make good on an offer that you make to someone if it’s typed out in any kind of chat in the game, so blizz should definitely give you your gold back

yeah thanks guys i read the ToS and it is against it so i think i will get refunded hopefully

Allthough i haver never paid for somekind of boost ingame, i once back in Vanilla paid a lock who claimed to be blacksmith (And i was a total noob) for forging a weapon that was good back then, gave him mats that was extremely expensive and once i traded he ignored me.

Reported him and he got banned, didnt get my stuff back but i would choose a scammers ban over gold/mats anyday.

Long time ago tho, but i think this still applies.

if you are buying a boost, you deserved it.

Well it’s part of the economy of the game, level 55 human death knight.

It’s about one of the only things left giving WoW’s economy any life whatsoever