Boosted 60 character - Cant enter current content

Hi Blizzard,

Just boosted a new character to level 60 and now i want to do current content, mythic +.
However, i cant enter WOD dungeons on mythic.

" [21:47] Recently-boosted characters cannot access legacy dungeons and raids. Please try again tomorrow."

Kara works though…

This should not apply to current content no? Feels wierd. Can this be fixed?

Best Regards

Just wait the 24 hours. By the time you get a response to a ticket or something like that, this time will pass anyways.

Yeah i know, its ok. But it should be fixed though. Does not feel right to not be able to do current M+ content right away, in my opinion.

It literally says it on the sales page that you can’t.

Take your new-found powers out for a spin and discover what you’ve been missing. Your new level 60 character will come ready for battle outfitted in level appropriate gear. (Boosted characters are unable to enter dungeons and raids from previous expansions for 24 hours.)

I think the OP’s point is that WoD dungeons are not really previous expansion content when they’re a part of the current m+ pool. They were able to go into Karazhan for m+, but not into a WoD dungeon.


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