Boosting / Carry sellers on EU

I’m fine with the spammers in /5 “Services” since u can remove that if u want…

But all the WTS ppl in the Group Finder is really annoying me, esp if u are logging on outside of peak hours…

Would really like a way to sort them out of my searches…
(maybe if you make a mark for “advertisement” when they create group?)

But there really need to be a way to get them removed, as i understand it u cant report em for advertisement if they boost for ingame gold…

This is what i see at late evenings and night :


Not true.

You can report them.

Nothing will happen, but feel free to report if it makes you feel any better.

I keep coming back to Blizzard saying they couldn’t clean up Group Finder unless we gave them our phone numbers. And lots of people did, and they slapped on further restrictions, but they still haven’t cleaned it up.

Does that make sense?

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They could hire some unpaid interns to create characters on each server, open the LFG and clean stuff by themselves.

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Put your number they said, no more spams will be in the LFG they said.

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That only worked for a short time, then all the sellers invested in authenticators too.

The first thing that they should have done is filter in the LFG by banning words such WTS/BOOST and etc.

We can’t even do that with addons. There is no way to filter the descriptions or titles :frowning:

They have 2 very simple solutions. A few people who would work in shifts and handle this, or pay a good programmer (or programmers) to create a program/system that would handle this independently. But as we all know blizz doesn’t care about this.

They do not because WTS boosts are free advertisement for WoW Tokens.

A lot of the listings are dodgy third party sites.

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Or add me on discord. Or not to mention viewer carries, which is the same thing just a different method.

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blizz just dont care, its that simple

you can see this ads everyday on every hour in the tool from different sites.

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