Bot Farming is getting out of hand again Blizzard

I am at the point now that is beyond frustration.
I create support tickets but in the responses from the GM’s they all tell me to use the in-game reporting feature. I spend more time recording the bot farmers paths than I do playing the game, but yet I cannot tell a GM to come bare witness to the bot farmers and get told to use the in game reporter… I use this feature more in a day than I do anything else BUT YET THE BOT FARMES STILL STAY…

Blizzard, please stop telling your GM’s to tell players to use the in-game reporter because that feature does not freaking work and the bots still freaking stay.
If I take the time to submit a ticket, I expect the GM that responds to assist me with my issue to the fullest and not just tell me to use a non-working feature in the game. You guys have made more than enough money out of me throughout the last 9 years of me paying for this service, to allow a GM to spend 10 minutes with me to sort my issue out instead of letting them send canned responses that just tells me to use a feature which I do use but see no results from.

Enough is Enough.

The following Player characters are WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, Bot Farmers (skinning, meats and Herbs), found in Bastion area on my server Outlands EU. Please investigate with speedy response to the below reported players and should you need video evidence then I will gladly and publicly upload the footage as they are publicly bot farming and its software I am reporting and not the player so there is no TOS being broken as its not players…
Player characters to be banned are:
Neeuih-59 Druid Horde
Jasdaxol-59 Hunter Alliance
Wolfsrain-60 Hunter Alliance Worgen ( the worgen hunters seem to be the biggest skinning and meat farmers)
Underwing-60 Rogue Alliance Worgen (this guy actually reacts when he see’s he is being watched but when He doesn’t think he is being watched then his bot takes over and the robotic farming and pathing continues, I created an alliance character to whisper him and his excuse to me for bot farming software is “he is old and tired and doesn’t get much time to play so he uses bot farming software”
Nevernostx-59 Hunter alliance worgen
Chikaboox-DunModr 58 Hunter alliance worgen (this guy i first reported when he was lvl 52, so from 52 to 58 JUST FARMING MOBS, how many hours is it to get those levels???)
Funglamor- 60 alliance Hunter (not sure what race, didnt take propper screenshots of this one.)
Caseemahli-51 worgen Hunter (this guy has a buddy that follows his exact path, buddy below)
Bonnahinus-51 alliance worgen hunter.
Alang-Ravencrest 60 druid
Onjack- 60 Druid Nightelf (now this one is the biggest cheater of all along with Wolfsrain, Hasn’t been offline in a full week almost)
Kemlinka-60 Nelf Druid (has a buddy that follows his route , buddy below)
Lewilia-60 Nelf druid(buddy above)

I have a couple more that I am still getting footage of and making 100% sure of my accusations and allegations, but the few mentioned above are without a shadow of a doubt using bot farming software of some sort…

Yes I have gotten mail in my inbox saying that ‘Action has been taken against players I have reported’ BUT those players are STILL THERE!!! because at that time I only reported 3 people so it wasn’t hard to deduce whom it was and to go find them there and days later and even WEEKS LATER THEY ARE STILL THERE!!! so what freaking action was taken Blizzard???
Please ban these jerks without the chance of appeal because they blatantly break TOS and are going to do it again without a shadow of a doubt. $40 dollars for them is nothing so they will just buy new accounts, but if you ban the accounts they have currently and keep banning them permanently they will stop wasting money on it and they will stop profiting from it and essentially stealing from Blizzard, the in game community and stock markets and stop stealing my TIME and my GAME TIME ,that costs a fortune in my country compared to the rest of the world, for having to spend hours reporting, recording and making useless ticket posts about them even though nothing is going to get done because the in game reporting feature means jack sh!t. Who is going to pay my game time i wasted and my time i wasted, doing investigations on these guys and getting the proof???

If you are short staffed or your GM’s don’t know how to take 5 minutes to confirm a bot farmer, then give me a global character and access to the reported players section and I will gladly go and permanently ban all the players I investigate and can see are cheating for you! Pay me $1000 a month and free gametime and I will gladly clean up and get rid of all the pests and accounts that I find are without a shadow of a doubt bot farming. I won’t just ban someone because I don’t like them or anything. I will do the due diligence and investigate each case for you! I mean this investigation and video below I did for free, now imagine how many more cases I will close if I got Paid to do it, and $1000 and game time is nothing to you guys, its a fortune for me.

Please go and have a look at this 24 minute video to to prove the players above are all bots or to see the bot pathing in one location over that time period…
i have many more videos and videos where i follow each one too should you need it if the below video is not proof enough that i know what i am talking about:

Look at this! Heroes Rest in Bastion completely infested with bots every day all day and night !

8 Druids farming 4 spawn points :

Before that it was infested with hunters. I recieved responce from GM and mail which sayd that they tooke actions but those got instantly replaced by new ones and there are more of them now! :

Got two FULL party of lvl 50 boomkins one shotting everything in Pinchwhistle point. One Alliance group and one Horde Group. This is preventing players from even completing the quests there as their MOONFIRES are some how oneshotting level 50 scaled mobs. Trying to level a character now is slowly becoming impossible.

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If interested feel free to /w me ingame so i can record and post it

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