Bot infestation!

People of Noggenfogger,

Like many others I came back to play TBC for the nostalgia experience.
As you know many of our bis comes from crafting which suits me perfectly since I need to be flexible when it comes to raiding due to irl stuff.

Once I reached level 70 and started to farm the needed materials (mostly primals) for my bis gear I quickly realized all the popular areas were infested with bots.
This kind of ruined my TBC experience and it will also mess up the in-game economy for everyone else on the server.

Myself and others have been reporting all these bots for weeks now but nothing happens.
So I decided to make it my own daily/weekly quest to find, name and shame these bots by recording them in action an hopefully someone from blizzard will evenutally bring down the big ban hammer on these parasites!

How to spot a bot in TBC classic?
Most of the time it’s either a mage, druid or hunter.
They run in the same path over and over, “keyboard turns” and if you aggro their target (not tagging) they will instantly switch to another.
If you keep pulling aggro from their targets they sometime either bug out or use HS (check the druid video below).
You can also spot them in orgrimmar running back and forth between the mailbox and the auctioneers in the exact same path over and over.

Here are two examples:

Mage Bot @ Throne of Kil’Jaeden

Druid bot in Terokkar Forest


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