Bot parties in legion map suramar, suramar city

Hello everyone, I want to talk to you about a situation that I have always come across when I am attaching my alt. character on the legion map. Whenever I go to the city of suramar, I see dozens of bot parties in the middle. They have same nicks and 10+ characters. They are generaly hunters brewmaster monks and druids. I took them out of here. Even if you attack them, they do not react like a player. They use the same skills in order and people pay to enter these parties as I understand them. It could be a Gold party. It makes me worried to see so many bots in this game. If they’re using a program, why aren’t they banned? Because it is impossible for a normal person to farm there for days. I’m just wondering if I’m stuck in this situation. Although I have reported many people, they have been there for months and constantly contract gold and xp. If this continues for a long time, I can no longer bear this labor theft and I quit the game. what you think about this guys?

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