Bots being reported but no action what so ever


Getting Fed-up having to report the same person who has 6 accounts botting daily, pulling mobs to the bots till they run out of Mana and die. Report, Report, Report, Report… nothing comes of it…

I will now name them all here, maybe Blizzard catches a wakeup!

They are all in the same guild called “The Lodge” and all are druids.

Marlooki - Camps Elemental spawns South-West corner of Badlands.
Evilcore - Camps Turtles along the coast of Tanaris
Lemana - Camps Turtles along the coast of Tanaris
Sylvester - Small island just off the coat of Tanaris below the Pirate encampment
Valasi - Not been able to find him in Tanaris yet, but I will
Barnius - Camps in Winterspring, just not been able to find him Edit: Found him in the Yeti cave camping a Yeti spawn.

This is purely for gold farming and selling of gold, no two ways about it. Maybe now you will act on these accounts.

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